(When) Will I die? (Car heater blower resistor bodge)

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  • (When) Will I die? (Car heater blower resistor bodge)
  • soobalias

    The blower in my car (seat altea) works only on fan speed 4.

    Seems that the solution is to replace the thermo resistor on this

    In testing its brokeness, i have connected across that resistor using some 2.?mm copper. (twisted not soldered)

    It works (proves the resistor is blown) but the question is if i leave it like that, how long before it bursts into flames?

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    is a resisitor a rheastat?  and will this be the same resistor as a nissan note?

    i ask as i opened this thread hopefully to gain some knowledge on them as my wifes seems to have died in her runaround.  not having much luck finding a replacement as i dont know what im looking for and eurocarparts say they dont sell one.

    FWIW i dont know if youll die, but its the sort of trick id try 😀


    yeah, apparently it commonly fails when regularly used on speed 1 as it overheats and the fan doesnt shift enough air to keep it cool
    add to that the fan was corroded (squeaking) which may have increased the power required

    youtube suggest you cut out the thermoresistor and replace, but i cant find one…. and the whole piece is available on ebay for £8

    (shame i sat on my mobile while trying to remove it – new screen will cost me )

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    If you’re worried, you can buy a replacement thermal fuse thing from Maplins and solder it in – use a heat shunt to stop it pre-blowing. Did that with my Corrado a few years back and it’s not died since.

    Is your heater blower motor on the way out? Seems to be what’s behind the increased load – starts squeaking.


    In case it’s any help.


    gave the motor a clean/oil and its running smoothly now.

    will order either thermo resistor (maplins) and solder it in, or the whole shebang from ebay.

    going out now – will grudgingly remove the bodgy bit of copper wire and run the fan on max till its fixed properly

    to sum up.
    /end of thread, soobalias didnt die, to scared to find out


    Re Nissan Note – if this is the same part and similar place fitted to the Micra it is an easy fix.  Having lived for years with only the 3 and 4 setting working I bought the part off Ebay and fitted it to my wife’s 2007 Micra.

    Access gained by removing the glovebox.

    As per

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