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  • What’s your experience with remote poplocks on forks?
  • AB

    My Revelation Air U-Turn comes with a remote poplock, and as my type of riding is XC/Trail, I’m thinking it could be fairly useful for locking out on climbs/fire roads during out of the saddle efforts etc.

    What are other people’s experiences with them?

    Would also like to know if/how you covert a remote poplock fork to run with a standard lock-out?



    i had some 07 sids (which were a bit flexi) but the remote poplock business was brilliant, really usefull.

    would love one on my foxs…

    not sure if conversion from remote is necessary? its only a rotating top cap which a brake cable attaches to and then ratchets round when the cable tightens, bet you could do it with your fingers…..

    I could be wrong


    Prefer without – just another cable and more clutter on the bars. Not a problem to reach down to a lock out on the fork leg, and only very very occasionally get caught out with it locked out heading into rougher stuff when a remote lockout would be handy!


    I ended up getting rid of the Poplock on my Pikes because it was too fragile: I had one minor crash and broke it.


    The compression damping on Poploc forks is spring loaded (to return when the Poploc’s released) but you can open up the damping leg and unhitch the spring to use if manually, Peter Poddy had an online guide somewhere I think).


    Would be interested to know how you convert to a normal lock-out from a poplock


    Best thing since sliced bread 😉


    I like the lockout uphill or riding to trails on roads.

    Blow off compression never worked-reads the instructions again…


    They’re good, but the cable needs a bit of looking after- mine at least spends a lot of its time not working, and I can’t say I miss it too much.

    It’s probably on one of those other threads AB’s found, but the top of the leg has a little cable stop on it- if yours doesn’t that might be an obstacle to fitting one.


    After smacking my knee on the remote a couple of times and not really using it I took mine off.


    had it on my sids and on menjas. on the sids i thought “this is cool” but, it kept getting stuck. My menjas also came with it and i never bothered using it, couldnt find anywhere for it on the bars comfortably and i can honestly say i dont notice the difference without it

    Premier Icon smiffkin

    I had one on my Rebas and pretty useful for longer fire road clmbs and the like. Looked fragile and plasticky but never broke. I’ve just got some Revs and the new poplock is metal, not plastic. Too early to say if it works better, but looks much nicer.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Wouldn’t buy a fork without it. Makes climbing so much more enjoyable regardless of the trail surface.

    MOJO K

    My new bike came with a poplock which I promptly removed. I decided that the dual air gives me enough control of the compression stroke that I shouldn’t need to worry leaving the compression damper fully open.


    Have got remote lockout on my forks and use it a fair bit. Seems reliable enough.
    Only problem is it does clutter up the handlebars a bit more, but I have enough space for brakes/shifters, computer, lights when needed and the remote lockout.

    I had one on my previous revelations. i never used it and didn’t like the extra cable and bar clutter so got rid of it. I have a leg-top lever now and use it a bit.


    I don’t have the remote but thought that if I could be bothered you should be able to tinker with the threshold setting such that you don’t need to turn it on or off, just leave it in Poploc mode

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