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    In the market for an all day ride bike for all uk stuff and maybe alps too. I currently use a 100mm bike for this (not alps) but wanna go with the fashion and at least test some longer travel bikes. current shortlist is something like:
    Ibis Mojo/ Mojo SL
    Titus FTM Alu (although EXO money no object!)
    Intense tracer

    The thing is i would like to stay pretty well below 30lbs so that puts the tracer/ blur LT out really. I really wanna know what are the closest competitors to the Mojo. Not really looking at single pivots just FSR and VPP/DW


    Have a look at the Chumba Racing XCL. 5″ travel, built to be tough and very stiff. Would make a great tough shortish travel Alps bike. If you are interested, drop me a mail, I know the guy who is about to be the new UK distributor 🙂

    Here is a pic of one built up


    I went for an Enduro SL… I likey 🙂 6″ of travel for 28lbs or thereabouts… I was keen on the Ibis but the UK price is just too much for me!

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    Tracer should build up into a sub 30lb bike easily I’d have thought (with careful component choice at least), it’d be my choice anyway. Well, it’d be my choice full stop really, would absolutely love one!

    If it’s going to be more of an XC bike though, you could look at the Maverick Durance (or an ML7.5) as they’re cheap right now. Or of course the new Turner 5 spot. Had a look at an Ibis Mojo yesterday, very nice indeed, though I don’t think I’m trusting enough of carbon yet to deal with the kind of abuse a frame of that travel can get you into, if you get me. On an XC race bike, carbon frame all the way, but I’d still stick with ally for a near 6″ travel bike personally.


    Hey ive got a Chumba and think its one of the best 5″ bikes going at the moment,and a steal at the price.Ive owned a spot,5.5,575 and Ventana over last few years and think the XCL is a killer.


    Carbon is proven to be tougher than ally in reality… I’ve watched a video of Scot Nicols clubbing an Ibis Mojo with a baseball bat and it doesn’t break. Carbon 6″ frames have been around for a good 2-3 years now and there’s not many reports of them failing any more than a metal frame. I think carbon is a safe bet nowadays and it’s way cool as well 🙂

    I quite like the look of those Yeti frames, the ones without the gap in the top tube.

    I’ve an 05 FSR S-Works frame, thats ok too. I don’t like the new Spesch frames because of how they’ve located the rear shock.




    Mine would be that Titus FTM.

    Ridden a Motolite for the last three years and it has been my perfect bike. I’ve also got a Racer X frame waiting to be built up. The FTM looks stunning, and I wouldn’t mind an El Guapo as well just to complete the stable.

    However, it’s a new kitchen for me…

    Very happy with my Switchblade.

    A carbon Meta 5.5 if they ever bring one out

    Love my Blur LT2, and if my bathroom scales are roughly accurate it is smack on 30lbs. Basically went for a standard build kit
    Air U-turn Pikes
    Hope Mono Minis
    Truvativ Stylo crankset (not great but part of the kit and OK for me)
    X9 shifters/rear mech
    DT 4.2 on Hope II (should have gone 5.1 but would have added a little weight)

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