Whats the dogs danglies these days in waterproof jackets??

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  • Whats the dogs danglies these days in waterproof jackets??
  • Premier Icon mactheknife

    I am only looking for a shell, and the only prerequisites are :-
    1. its waterproof, might seem obvious but i have bought a very expensive jacket before that leaked like a t bag at the first sight of rain.
    2. Light. I try not to head out if its gonna be howling down so will be in the pack mostly. All going well.

    Not fussed on price but i do want it to work.

    Premier Icon Dogsby

    Just bought a pace event jacket, seems very nice although I haven’t been out in it yet.

    More shell like than my endura venturi event jacket, so more foldable and packable.

    Whereas my endura is medium, the pace is small.

    Good value for 99 quid.


    I bought a Gore something-or-other in 2002 and it did a great job for almost 10 years. I replaced it with a ‘cheap’ northface which was rubbish (boil in the bag) so splashed out and got a new Gore Alp X and its brilliant. Conclusion: Gore Alp X.

    Bought an Endura Liminite II in yellow

    I’ve found it to be waterproof and the arms are nice and long. I’d wanted to get an Altura Nightvision jacket, but the arm length was too short (and I’m no orangutan).

    I did see someone with a white jacket recently and when my bike light hit them they lit up lick a light bulb. If I was buying again I’d consider a white jacket with lots of Scotchlite.

    White jackets for MTB are a bloody nightmare to keep white. Been there.

    Altura mayhem is really good at keeping the wet out, unless yer a sweaty bugger, in which case you’ll get wet inside anyway.

    I don’t think a jacket exists that can put up with a Scottish autumnal ride, 15 degrees and pissing wet. Sweat or rain, you choose.

    Premier Icon psling

    Mountain Hardwear Effusion – beautifully light, waterproof, breathable and packable though may not be hardwearing enough for roughty-toughty mtb’ing. Having said that, I’ve got a Gore jacket and a Gore smock that I’ve had for years (10+) that have given me great service 8)

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Some great suggestions there guys, mucho appreciated 🙂

    Hey Mac, did you see the mavic green one I was wearing? It might have been too sunny for it, I can’t remember. It was quite cheap on offer from crc and I think it’s great. Just very simple but a really good fit for me.

    Gore Alp-X 2.0 is without a doubt the dogs bolx.

    Looks ok off the bike too.

    Bontrager Packable eVent.


    another vote for Altura Mayhem, and i’m a sweaty b’stard out on the bike, but never felt cold or wet in it, and i live in Wales 🙂

    I bought a Mavic h20 about 2 years ago, used it a hell of a lot. Muddy rides, icy rides, summer rain.

    Never leaked once, it has pit zips, foreamn vents and the most genius front zip vent.

    It looks brand new after a wash, absolutely. Its brightly coloured, incredibly light and fits really close so it helps wick properly.

    I can’t recommend it enough, or all the clothing for bikes I’ve bought this is the best and would replace it tomorrow with another if I needed to.

    Bikeradar gave it 5 stars too.


    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Doug, was that in your Mavic line up?? I think i do remember it 🙂

    Was out with Dave the other day and my cheapo one really ruined my day.

    It was. Well actually Mavic gave me a bunch of stuff which I liked so much I bought the notch jacket with my own money. I like it a lot.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Cool, cheers buddy. I’ll have a look for one along with the other suggestions. What size did you get, i think i will need a size up from you 🙂

    Hope all is well with the family, u getting some sleep now? 🙂

    Not riding specific, but check out the Rab Myriad jacket. Uses Polartec NeoShell material. Waterproof, very breathable and around 400g.

    Shrugs off downpours but breathable enough that I stay dry inside even when working really hard. Held up for 2 1/2 hours on Wed night.

    Expensive! I got a price match plus 10%. Having ridden it I’d say it’s worth RRP!

    Premier Icon rickon

    Isnt the Myriad meant for alpine stuff? So its has a high collar, which covers your mouth? Thatd annoy me.

    I’m the European large which is an American medium!

    Family all good thanks. Sleeping through the night until a reasonable time now so that’s a big relief!


    I just bought one of these http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/shimano-accu-3d-gore-tex-paclite-rain-jacket/rp-prod112514
    Has not arrived yet so can’t comment on it but a Gore-Tex Jacket for £70 is not bad at all.

    Premier Icon andycs

    No personal experience but Showers Pass stuff tends to get good reviews.

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    I’ve got the Gore Fusion jacket, and in the best tradition of STW, I think it’s excellent. Completely waterproof, and seems to breath very well, despite having no pit zips.

    I’ve used it for running when it’s been chucking it down and blowing a gale, and it was even pretty good for that.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I thought this was a thread about jackets for dogs 🙂

    I am disappointed that it isn’t 🙁

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Now it is 🙂

    Just for you turboferret Coats for dogs.


    Has anybody tried the Paramo Velez Adventure Light?

    I can get one at trade, so if they are any good it will be a steal.


    I’ve got the Gore Alp-X 2.0 jacket, and in the best tradition of STW, I think it’s excellent. Completely waterproof, and seems to breath very well, despite having no pit zips. 😆

    it is good. It has a handy detachable hood and packs down pretty small

    Premier Icon rickon

    seems to breath very well

    No waterproof without pit zip, or vents will breath well if it gets very wet. Over time the waterproofing stops, so the water doesn’t bead – which means it gets saturated, so the breathability drops off. You need vents if you’re intending on using a jacket in bad weather, and you’re going to have a high output.

    Otherwise, you’ll get condensation, and get wet from the inside.



    Bontrager Packable eVent.[/i]

    Any idea of anywhere with any in stock?

    Isnt the Myriad meant for alpine stuff? So its has a high collar, which covers your mouth? Thatd annoy me.

    It has a reasonably high collar that will pull over the mouth if required but very comfy to tuck under your chin for riding. The higher neck keeps the foulest weather out, which I wanted it for. I’m too warm and toasty to get annoyed 😉

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