whats everyones 29ers weighting in at? bike and frame weights please?

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  • whats everyones 29ers weighting in at? bike and frame weights please?
  • bikerbruce

    pics if possible..just wanting to decide what to get

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    pegasus sub 30, swift +30, no idea really

    Premier Icon Andy_Baz

    Pace RC129, singlespeed, Rebas, 23.5lb. Never weighed the frame itself.

    Premier Icon mboy

    My old Inbred 29er was over 31lb, but then its frame was almost 6lb, it was running an Alfine hub, had handlebars made of steel… It certainly could have gone on a diet, rode nicely though.

    Copped a feel of someone’s new Carbon Niner the other week, 22lb despite not particularly light wheels on it! Very nice…


    swift 28lbs ish.


    Chumba HX2 in medium, 26lbs with mid range kit and 1×9.

    Weighed it when it was 2×9 so maybe 1/2oz lighter now


    XL Mythic Paradox with Micro Ti 44’s & Halo freedom wheels, Formula Mega’s with 203 rotors, XT crank, X9 rear mech etc etc. 32-33lbs 😯


    Scott scale carbon in large. Put on lighter wheelset bor rims on am classic hubs, SIDS, old xtr in 2 x 9 set up, formula r1 brakes and a few other bits comes out at 19.5lbs with race tyres on..


    Large Niner RIP9 current build with dropper and chunky pedals, 29.5 lbs.

    Not sure what the frame weighs, but circa 6.5-7 lbs I guess.

    My Scandal is about 26lbs with a less spangley build.


    Swift was 27lbs when I last weighed it. That’s “ready to ride” with seat pack, pump etc. attached.

    Ridgeline 2 * 10 around 24.5 lbs

    Yelli Screamy 1 * 10 (now with Reverb and SLX brakes) 28/29lbs

    On-one carbon sample with a lefty/rotor cranks/xtr on is 20.4 lb(frame 990g) & my carbon race with lefty/xt is 22.3 lb (frame 1320g)


    salsa selma singlespeed with carbon forks 18lb 10oz, with fox F29, 20lb 7oz

    Frame weight just under 4lb with the EBB fitted.

    Jones steel diamond Frame and unicrown fork, 26lb 2oz with 29er wheels, 29lb 5oz with cheapo fat front.

    @bigdugsbaws – They are both lush !

    My Swift, weirdly, weighed 29 lbs last time I weighed it, it has had some minor changes since this (crap) pic so might be a bit lighter now.


    Scott Scale Carbon, 20.5lb in winter spec, drops to 19.7lb with summer tyres etc.


    1.8KG IIRC, no idea built up.

    Here doing some real riding.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Inbred, SS with carbon forks, SmallBlock8’s on TN719’s on Surly SS hubs, Thomson seat post & stem, carbon bars & Ti saddle…24lbs. Swap forks for Maxle Rebas, wheels for TN719’s on Pro2’s, & SLX 1×10…26.5 lb.
    Don’t know what frame weighs.


    Niner EMD 27/28 lbs, wheels and v2’s are heavy, could probs shed a couple of pounds from that but don’t notice it riding so ……

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    Turner Sultan, all up, ready to ride, Sasquatch frame (23″), 30lbs.

    I can’t believe how ironic heavy the Swifts are.

    Not sure how heavy the ScandAL is.


    This one at 27lb.

    This one at 21.5lb.
    Rigid, 1 x 10

    As a S/S, 19.5lb.


    3.5lb frame
    28lb Bike (with ‘proper’ tires on mind)


    Premier Icon weeksy

    Giant XTC 29er. Comes in at 26.5lb as weighed by LBS the day before i bought it.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    O-O Ti29er.
    About 18lbs with those tyres on (Stouts)
    Dips into the 17lbs with summer boots on.
    Ti post, 230g aluminium bars, middleburns on UN54 BB for now. XTR brakes, superstar superlight hubs, charge spoon with cromo rails.
    There’s 100g to be saved from the BB with a Ti axled one, and I could use a lighter chain as well but I like the reliability of the PC1.

    Custom ChiTi frame from XACD 3.4kg.
    Full weight 11kg.


    Lynskey Ridgeline 29VF – frame’s 3lbs 12 oz. Weighed it at the weekend at 23lbs 6ozs with Rebas, 1×9 & DT240/355 wheels. Got some FRM/BOR wheels being built that’ll take it sub 23lbs.

    Kona Unit ss with rigid Salsa Cromoto – 23lbs.

    ade ward

    This is my ti frame from XACD in china it,s just over 29 lbs ready to ride with alfine boat anchor


    TooTall – Member
    I can’t believe how ironic heavy the Swifts are.

    TO be fair, I it’s ‘Swift’ as in the bird rather than as in ‘fast’. Mind you it doesn’t feel heavy to ride.

    I can’t believe some of the claimed weights though – that I’m more suspicious of…


    Scandal about 22lb

    Yeti about 26lb

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    Mine comes in just under 21 lbs on my scales. It’s a custom Ti frame, designed to be a bit more beefy than most, running with alloy bars, M4 brakes and fairly hefty tyres so lots of potential to drop weight if I wanted to…

    No idea?

    Swift, low t mid 20’s I guess as it’s:

    Rigid (OK not that light as its steel)
    XTR cranks and E-13 chainring
    Alloy bolts where possible
    Ti bolts where thye’re not
    Few remaining steel ones where they’re not Ti.
    S-works tyres
    Hope hoops (ok, not that light)
    Thompson stem/post (ok, not very light)
    Specialized phenom saddle
    EA70 bars
    Foam grips
    Mini X2 brakes.
    Aligator rotors.


    New On-one Scandal, frame apparently weighs 3.9lbs (i never checked but i think someone on here did), This build 24-25lbs, my scales are crap so could be a little either way.

    My Swift – 21lbs 05.
    Medium Swift
    DT Swiss XRR Forks
    XTR M960 modded cranks
    American classic wheels
    EC70 bars and EA70 finishing kit
    New XT brakes with the icetech rotors
    erm, Schwalbe tyres

    Goes to 23lbs 12 with a set of Reba’s on it.


    Giant Anthem = 21.5lbs, not bad for a ally FS 3×9 setup.

    Giant Anthem X 29er frame (L) with Fox Float RP23 Boostvalve
    Fox F29 FIT RLC forks, 15QR thru axle and tapered steerer, 100mm travel
    Giant FSA tapered headset
    XTR SIS gear cable set
    Shimano BB71 Press-Fit Bottom Bracket
    FSA K-Force Light XC Chainset MegaExo
    XTR pedals
    Thomson masterpiece seatpost
    Ritchey WCS Carbon Flat Bar
    Ritchey WCS 4Axis Matrix Stem
    Hope mono mini pro’s in Team Issue Green, Ti bolted
    X0 Twist grip changers
    X0 Rear mech with KCNC jockey wheels
    XTR front mech
    KMC SL chain
    160mm Ashima rotors, Ti bolted
    PG990 cassette
    American Classic hubs (15mm front, QR rear)
    DT Super Comp spokes
    Stans Crest rims
    Racing Ralphs 2.25s UST front and back
    Fizik Arione saddle

    Premier Icon flange

    Mine’s currently being built up – fag paper maths says 17lbs

    Niner Air Carbon
    Niner fork
    Enve wheels, stem, bars and post
    Di2 1×10
    Some silly light tyres that will be replaced ASAP

    Enve wheels, stem, bars and post

    That is some serious wedge 😯 😯 😯

    Premier Icon flange

    That is some serious wedge

    I have no idea, I’ve decided I’m not going to add it up…..

    EDIT: that sounds a bit pompous – apologies. What I meant was, I don’t want to know how much it costs, if I do I’ll get all precious about it and not ride it. See Storck road bike hung in the garage as an example…

    Tomac Flint, singlespeed with Manitou Minute fork, middling wheels, a bit of sealant in the tubes and carbon bars and seatpost. The bathroom scales say 24lbs and have me wondering how these sub 20lb builds come about. I know I could lose weight off it here and there but I’m struggling to see how it could get THAT much lighter and still keep all the parts required to make it a bicycle?

    Premier Icon flange

    Wheels and forks are where the weight adds up the most. I went to rigid and a light set of wheels on my race bike and dropped a massive amount of weight. Depends on whether you intend to race I suppose and also if you can stand riding without suspension

    Also, it always amazes me how much difference a light chain can make.


    just got a ti chain for 222gs….booom
    im trying to go sub 20 with 2×10 and bouncy forks

    Premier Icon Stoner

    ti chain for 222g

    I really did not need to know that such things exist.

    WHERE FROM!!!!!!???????

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