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  • What's been your slowest car?
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    Reliant Supervan same colour as Delboys.
    had it cos you could drive them on a motorcycle licence

    we managed to get a whole football team in it and drive 2 miles to the pub.

    it was supprisingly nippy and ace in the snow


    Easy an extended luton transit. it was a company van and we used to drag from London to Weston on Mud to visit the mother in law. Top speed 55mpg down hill with the wind behind us.

    If we overtook anything then there were celebrations for the next 10 miles…

    It was sooo wide that it was a nightmare to drive around London.

    Another Land Rover here. 🙄
    I used to have a Series 2 with a Perkins 4.203 as well.
    Range Rover diffs, overdrive and 7.50R16 tyres meant it would do 55mph flat out.

    If we include vintage trucks…

    1943 AEC Matador. 33mph top speed.
    1970 AEC Militant Medium Recovery Vehicle. 22 tons unladen. Towing a Samson CVRT on a trailer up Birdlip hill out of Gloucester, 36tons @ 204 bhp = 7mph.

    I've also driven a friends Scammell Constructor. Originally fitted witha Meadows petrol engine, this one had a slower revving Gardner diesel. Top speed = 24mph.

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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