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  • What wider rim help ?
  • Thrustyjust
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    Need to put a wider rim on my front wheel and long story short, I have a glut of DT Swiss ultralight spokes ( in loft so dont know actual lengths currently) . They were used to build a wheel using my Phil Wood hub and Mavic M719 rim 32H 29er. So, I know its the wrong way round as you buy rim and hub them use a calculator to work out spoke lengths. Need a rim for a 2.3 to 2.5 front tyre, so around 30 mm width ? But can anyone help on internal rim diameters to know what rim I can swop out with the original spoke lengths? I do have a spare 70 odd spokes as well, hence the ‘slight dilemma’. If push goes to shove I will buy new spokes ,if anyone can recommend a lightish XC rim , as question is a bit moon sticky. Cheers for the help on an odd one tonight 🙂

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    If you’re putting the rim on to the same hub, just match the ERD as closely as possible. TBH I’d use the spokes again too and just do a rim swap if you can find one (Roger Musson says it’s ok, and that’s good enough for me)

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    ‘Freespoke’ is a good source of rim erd values

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    Thanks for your help. The Freespoke website was great, except I got wrong info on the erd as they listed the 26 inch dia . Found it at 602mm not 539mm they state . Seems 29er wheels are about 600mm ish, so with an inner width of 25mm ext 30mm , I have 3 options of 2 x DT swiss rims (E512 and EX471) and a Raceface Arc Offset 25, if their numbers are good . So seems I might go for a DT rim, mainly because the Raceface seems to have a offset ( its in the name) and the wheel built with Phil Wood hubs is square with same spoke length (IIRC) within 1 mm anyway from when I built it.
    I did see Wiggle had a cheap WTB for not a lot £16 !, and I thought , get that as massively reduced and just buy more spokes, but I am struggling for info to find spoke lengths on the spoke calculator website as dont list the rim.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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