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  • what travel forks for a Foes fxr (6")
  • tangent

    Q. what travel forks for a Foes fxr (6"R)

    150mm ?

    have been riding a rigid singlespeed most if last season here in Norway – then the frame broke…got my xc bike going with 100mm travel on the front and softail YBB style on the back. So a new experience starting for next season…previously ridden a:
    Ellsworth Truth (4"), and BITD
    DeKerf / AMP FS(?2")

    So advice of longer travel bikes appreciated.

    Like the idea of the bargin Swiss DT fork 130 or 150mm choice!
    Or alternativly?


    Fox Float 36r or the Fox Vanilla 36


    crikey!" took a look at the Fox 36s in a shop today – they are mahoosive mosters of a fork! quite cool tho'


    Tangent, I have a few sets of TALAS and Floats at good prices, certainly much cheaper than shop prices 🙂

    Mail me for details.


    Cheers Si, appreciated 8)…i'll drop ya an email…anything gotta be cheaper than the prices have seen in here in Oslo! 😯

    Currnet faves are some bargin DT Swiss EXC 150mm with a 20mm axle.
    Partly becuase have been running with Pace forks since '92…and my current 100mm set have the same adjustment features etc.

    Not really sure I can be really arsed with adjustable travel for this bike?…

    Can anyone expain otherwise? ta


    Si, YGM (hopefully) re fox forks

    – it is very likely the email will come thru' empty – as am using a very weak wi-fi connection , and messages don't seem to send properly…but I can read replies ok!

    Cheers then,


    Premier Icon PeteG55

    I think most of the mags agree on the Float 36s being the choice fork in this category.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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