What to do with part worn car tyre?

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  • What to do with part worn car tyre?
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    I have a Continental ContiSportContact 5 MO 225/45 R17 tyre with minimal wear, what can I do with it?

    Needed a new tyre due to side wall damage. The car had 3 Dunlop tyres (one damaged) and the Continental tyre. Decided to replace 2 tyres so all are the same. I kept the Continental tyre as it’s less than a year old and is a decent tyre. I could sell it on eBay but I’m now not sure on the liability of doing that. Would a dealer in part worns buy it off me?


    What liability? Beyond anything else you might sell on eBay? I’ve sold tyres, wheels and other car parts that way. Accurate description will cover you, beyond that sold as seen, if you are not a business.


    I’ve sold part worn tyres on gumtree, provided they are in good condition and legal. I had an otherwise fine tyre that had a puncture repaired – that I put on gumtree for free. Guy took it, quite happy but I wasn’t prepared to accept money for it.

    There are umpteen part worn tyres on gummers at any given time IME. Mine were an slightly unusual size so took a while to go. If I had more room I may well have kept them as I wasn’t looking for a lot of money

    Or you could stick it on your spare wheel, assuming it’s better than the existing spare?


    bonfire night is coming up soon….


    Gumtree, that way you won’t have to fanny about posting it to Inverness if you e-bayed it!

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    swing for stw towers?

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    Every time you get a new to you car you get a set of part worn tyres. Do you check them ?

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    Will never tyre of seeing a sheep in a swing! 🐑

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    Unfortunately I reckon a tyre is probably one of the worst enclosures for a loudspeaker! The sheep swing on the other hand … I have rope, hmm

    I looked up the part worn regs, business or not I think everyone has to comply.


    Supply of part-worn tyres
    7.—(1) Subject to Part III of these Regulations, no person shall supply—

    The tyre does meet the requirements though, bar me writing “part worn” on it

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