What to do with CX clinchers

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  • What to do with CX clinchers
  • carbon337

    So going to play at some CX races this winter, I have challenge grifo clinchers on some shimano r500 wheels.

    Should I go tubless? Ghetto? Latex tubes?

    For now I’ve thrown some 18-23 road tubes in but every site I’ve read recommends not using road tubes for pinching and thorns etc.

    Can’t find challenge cx latex tubes anywhere for sale either.

    What do you recommend?

    Griffo’s are nice tyres, and running them a low pressures with normal tubes it perfectly fine for “play at some CX races”. Latex tubes would be better still.

    Find a short loop, buy a digital tyre pressure gauge and try out various pressures to see what works best.

    No idea if you could run them tubeless, be interested to know


    If you are tlking about the north east leagues then you won’t need to worry about thorns. Pinch flats occasionally but most of the courses are muddy and rooty with few if any rocks. Didn’t get a single puncture last year running maxxis raze, 40psi and standard cx tubes.

    Guys run everything from narrow mountainbike tyres to deep section carbon with tubs.

    I’d recommend running some tyres with cx tubes in for a few races. If you are new to this you might not find your tyre and tube choice to be a limiting factor this season.

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    I run standard 18-25 tubes in my 35 CX tyres and not had any problems.

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