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  • What socks
  • Premier Icon sirromj

    For size 10 feet?

    Around the foot they’re either too baggy or too tight.

    And even though I have skinny shins, the majority of socks are too tight around shins and lower calves.

    My favourite socks are loose around shins and calves yet somehow stay on my feet.

    Please advise if you have size 10 feet and have found sock perfection.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Yep. Dhb Flashlight socks is awzomes

    Premier Icon lunge

    Bike – DeFeet Aireator
    Off th bike – Happy Feet


    For riding? M and S thermal wollen things my nan bought me for Christmas one year. I’ve got 2 pairs and will be v v sad when they die.
    As for everyday, the decent version of Primark cotton socks usually grace my size 10’s.

    Burrington, for everyone and everything

    Premier Icon CountZero

    I take around a 10.5-11, and I’ve been buying M&S black cotton-rich sport socks for years, they’re comfy, last for ages, and aren’t stupidly expensive.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    BAM Bamboo socks.. and their pants are awesome.


    I go to M&S too and buy the same ones as the Count, or you could go full-on bespoke with trainer socks and leg warmers.


    TLD for cycling (if they’re on sale). Fit me like a glove.

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