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  • What size Orange 5 do you ride?
  • andylux

    I currently ride an 07 Large Stumpjumper FSR. I’m going to buy an Orange 5 frame. Upon demoing an 18″ 5, it did feel a little cramped but it did have a short stem with the saddle in a middle position on the rails.

    I’m 6 foot 2 and looking at the geometry the Effective Top Tube Length of my Stumpy is nearest to the 18″ 5 than the 20″.

    How tall are you and what size 5’s do you ride??

    Its worth noting that i have a 65mm stem om my stumpy so could easily go to a 90mm stem on an 18″ 5. I know i should really demo a 20″ but i much prefer the look of the 18″.

    understand the dilema mate. I am the same size as you.

    I had an 80mm and layback and it still was a bit cramped.

    in the end I had to let it go and now feeling better on a 19″ 5 spot. I am thinking of going back to a single pivot set up but it will have to be a Heckler I reckon.


    My mate has just come from a Large 06 Stumpy to an 18″ 5AM and he loves it. He is about 6′ maybe a little over.

    90mm stem and inline post BTW


    I am 6,1 and ride a 20″ i found the 18 to small although the 20″ does feel a
    bike bike.It is very comfy for me

    Premier Icon doughboy

    I am 6ft 1″ with a cycling inseam of 35″ and ride a 20″ Five. I tested the 18″ with a 100mm stem and layback post and it still felt slightly cramped. I run the 20″ with a 80mm stem and an in-line post and it seems spot on for me.


    Cheers Guys, Those of you with the 20″, how does it handle the tight/twisty stuff?? does it still feel nimble in your opinion?


    6’1″ and a size 20″ Five – 90mm stem

    got a size 18″ Patriot as well – 70mm stem


    I am 6’2″, 34 inside leg and I have the 20″. I tried an 18″ and it was too small. Once I got used to the bike I have found it to be fantastic in all respects (bar the cr*p Race Face BB), and I certainly don’t have problems with slow speed/tight turns compared to my mates. I do have the 32 Talas upgrade which I found has helped in steep up-hill work, but it has to be really steep to need it. Get one and enjoy!!

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    i’d say the 20″ would be about right for you- i’m 6′ on an 18″


    I have had a demo 20″ for a couple of week and I am 6’4″. I will run it with a 90mm stem and a layback post. It feels really light and nimble to me, so much I have bought one.


    6ft2 on a 20″ with standard stem. Sometimes feel it’s a bit short. Maybe I have monkey arms. Still bloody amazing bike. Makes me smile just to look at it.



    6ft and ride the 18″ frame. Perfect 🙂


    Another 6 footer with an 18 incher here too. No issues.

    If this thread was on a different topic, you have no idea how damned proud I’d be to be saying that.

    *sighs, and dreams on about what could have been, had he not been a fan of tight stretch denims in his formative years*


    5′ 9″ – 18″ Five but inline post, saddle all the way forward, 60mm stem.

    I like them long in the top tube and then sitting right inside the bike with a stubby stem…


    Mike T-23, What size stem do you run and do you have an inline seatpost. How do you find climbing??


    Just got a 18″ and I am 6ft – seems good to me. Climbing seems great – I have an inline but stem maybe needs to be 80mm rather than the old one I have at 100mm

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