What should I build this up with?

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  • What should I build this up with?
  • Any thoughts on what to put on this?
    Been out of bikes for a few years and interested what to build it up with for some fun.


    hmm would it take 150mm forks? I’ve got some vgc Z.1 RV sports I could let you have for a veeeeery keen price?


    no gears for a start

    Pikes, 20mm front wheel, bolt-up rear, MRP MiniMe and short cage rear mech, Larsens, Thomson post and stem, Easton EA70s and some XT cranks.

    Nowt out of the ordinary but should make an awesome little ride…

    What should I build this up with?

    A decent bike stand might be a start 😉

    If i could have been ar sed to get the bike stand out then i would have.
    Thinking a little 4X/jumpy machiney thing really.
    Its a good few years old urrr… 5 maybe 6? so im thinking its only going to want 100mm ish rather than silly travel.
    Might have to gear it as its on vertical drop outs and i’ve had some nasty singlator experiences!!


    I’d go for u-turn pikes up front – seem to remeber that .243 did 2 versions of those frames, one for short and one for long travel so the U-turn would mean it would be OK whichever one you have.

    Wheel wise, something with 521 rims (or whatever they’re called now) or sun singletracks. A single 36t ring up front with some kind of chain device – truvativ box guides are good on a budget, E13 if you’re flush. Short cage rear mech. Stick a set of fairly wide OS bars and a shortish stem to match up front with a set of lock-on grips. Brakes are quite a personal issue, but I’m very happy with Shimano LXs on a similar speced bike… very cheap too…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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