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  • what shoes for enduro (must be 650b compatible)
  • Premier Icon kimbers

    Basically want something like the mavic enduro crossmax shoes but half the price and not a gopping yellow color

    Need to be spd with stiff soles but with decent grip
    Well armoured, ideally a mid top with a bit of ankle protection and not too heavy

    Weather proofish would be nice but quick drying will do

    For ref I’ve had 661 filters – great padding but heavy (esp when wet) poor grips
    Shimano MP66s lighter tough only let down by the lack of off the bike grip
    510 impacts heavy and again lack grip also poor in the wet
    Mavic switchbacks nice good grip light stiff but lack armour

    I await the collective stw wisdom


    Mavic alpine XL,light,stiff, dry quickly, pretty much the same as crossmax without ratchet and not yellow not sure there 650b compatible tho! Great shoe tho ! Have seen them for just over the 80 quid mark


    Shimano mw80 boots! Except they weigh a ton. And look silly. Not great grip either

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Big fan of the Mavic Alpines, on my 3rd set now and looking at a 4th set to alternate my existing ones.
    Comfortable, even to walk with SPDs, good grip and easy to dry, they are also cool enough for me to ride in during the HK summer.
    Apart from a few tabs, there is no garish color schemes, plus they seem to work with both 26″ and 650b so must be ‘Enduro’ ready!


    I think those pearl izumi x projects with the magic flexible/stiff sole might might be a little under protected for what you’re asking, but I’m going to suggest them anyway…

    Or how about the specialized rime- that’s more or less a racey-ish shoe with a vibram sole and a bit more padding round the heel

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Specialized Rune?


    Loved my 5.10 Maltese falcons, perfect stiffness, grippy sole, good fit for me but expensive and poor durability, 2 things that shouldn’t go hand in hand. Don’t mind paying good money for good kit but the soles have detached at the heels on both and the buckle has snapped on one of them. I’m back on shimano am45’s now, bit heavier than I’d like and a touch too wide but sensible price and durability with a bit of weather resistance although they are heavy when they get soaked and take a while to dry out. The new 5.10 range is due out soon with several new options on the spd front but they are very pricey.


    Getting some good time in on mavic alpines, look very similar to the switchback but with rubbish laces and a strap.
    Anyway, love ’em now they’re broken in. Will need a thicker insole for summer to cope with thin socks, they’ve got plenty of room. The toe protection is sturdy, better than 5.10 freerides and AM 45’s. You’ll know how good the sole is.

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