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  • What Resources (online?) to Help Alcoholic?
  • djambo

    Long story short Im trying to help an alcoholic. The person in question suffers from anxiety/depression after a marriage breakup. They have always been very needy so are struggling to adapt to life alone and looking after the kids. They recognise their problem…have uttered the ‘i am an alcoholic’ words but cant seem to get themself out of the cycle.

    They are the type of person that is very needy…thrive on getting help/support/councilors etc. They’re not one to battle away on their own (e.g. previous weight loss was only achieved with weekly weight watchers support network despite them knowing why the weight had increased and how to reverse it).

    In these socially distanced times are there any recommended online resources that I could direct them to?

    Any other advice? It’s utterly frustrating seeing them slowly destroy their life from the inside of a bottle.


    It is utterly frustrating to see someone you care about destroy themselves. It sounds like they clearly have a great friend in you.

    Your comments have struck a chord with me. They remind me of a very recent situation that affected a great number of people where I live. Friends and family are still trying to process what has happened. There were warnings – alcoholism, depression, loss of job, social isolation etc and most annoying the person in question DID know what to do and who to turn to in their time of need. But they choose not to and have left a very young family to pick up the pieces.

    Please have a look at the following website. Have a go at the training. (Only takes 15 minutes) It could be useful.


    There are a few links here

    Also links and advice for families/friends elsewhere on the turning point site and links to locally based services (local services are still operational just finding different ways to provide support

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