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  • What pressure…… Whyte e120
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    Hi all
    I’ve got a whyte e120 and really struggling to find the right air pressure for the rear shock. Im 11 stone and it’s simply too bouncy, I’ve tried between 110-150……I’ve messed around with the rebound as well ….. any ideas on what pressure to got for?

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    I’m a saggy 13 stone with an a E5, the 120’s predecessor with pretty much the same suspension. The E5 manual recommends 12mm of sag, when the pro-pedal lever on the shock is set on the stiffer setting, on the E5 this is when the lever is to the left.

    When wearing your usual biking gear and loaded hydration pack, sit gently on the bike and either measure the movement of the shocks O-ring when you dismount or get a glamorous assistant to measure when your still seated.

    The Quad design is not as good as the more modern designs but it’s no bobby sofa, a bit of tweaking will have you grinning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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