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  • What mudguards for a Carrera E Subway?
  • Premier Icon Tom-B
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    My girlfriend is loving her new E Subway….need some mudguards though as even on road her tyres kick up a serious amount of crap! Its 650b wheels, has good clearance and mounting points. Something by sks? Not sure if the wheel size impacts which guards to buy?

    Premier Icon woollybackpaul
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    Not a clue but I guess they should be a foot long.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    For something easily removeable, Beavertail XLs would work.

    Premier Icon Tom-B
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    Yeah I’d seen the Beavertails…is there a more road style version of them? They look like a pretty good option though.

    Premier Icon only1mikey
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    SKS Beavertails or Zefal classic/trail. Have had both on old rigids and very similar performance, so whatever is cheapest and available.

    Premier Icon trailwagger
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    I have a Subway as a commuter. I bought it second hand and it has Beavertail already fitted. The rear guard has been sawn off before the seat tube clip (suggesting fitting issues) It does a pretty good job but the rear does not extend around the wheel enough to keep all water and mud off your back.

    Premier Icon mattyfez
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    SKS Beavertail XLs.

    They flap about a bit depending, but unless you want full on town style mudguards, they are a good shout.

    You might need to mod them with a hacksaw, depending on the bike frame, but they are pretty good for universal mud guards.

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