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  • What Mattress?
  • Eyepic

    Mrs Eyepic and I need a new mattress, ours is old and rather tired.

    Had wondered about one of these on line jobbies but they all seem to be different types of foam and I am rather concerned about them being too hot.

    I like a lightweight cover even in the winter as we tend to run a warm house (wood central heating and solar hot water …..all Spooner’s fault).

    Any recommendations or advice?

    Ikea Hovag.


    Ikea hovag

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Book marked as daughter moving out and taking bed with her & son moving back in 🤗

    Premier Icon rogermoore

    igel from Bensons.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    IKEA Hovag here too.
    Although I originally came to this thread because I read the title as ‘What Mistress’ 🙂

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I do like my Simba but would say it is quite warm in summer and you have specifically picked that out as a concern.

    I’d also note that it lacks a certain responsiveness in sports mode but as I’ve been married nearly 20 years sports mode gets used about as often as Anne Frank’s drumkit

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Ikea hovag.

    Premier Icon wobbliscott

    We recently got a foam Emma mattress. It’s very comfy but it is hot. my wife loves it as she’s nesh, but I find it a bit too warm. Fine on cold winter nights, but as the nights have become warmer it’s a bit too toasty for my liking.

    The kids have an Ikea sprung mattress that came rolled up (can’t remember which one) and it’s not that comfy. The kids don’t complain, but on the odd occasion I sleep on one of those beds I find it lumpy and not particularly supportive.

    Personally I find the beds in Premier Inn’s very comfy whenever I stay at a Premier Inn; I wanted to buy one of those, but the wife went ahead and got an Emma mattress.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed



    Emma. Got it about 2 years back – they had 2 types then, seemingly not now. I run hot, and not found it hotter than the hypnos pocket sprung one we had before. Its lovely. I would not hesitate to buy again.


    We are obviously all different but I purchased the ikea mattress so often recommended on this forum the end of jan. Slept uncomfortably for 6 weeks until permanent lower back pain occurred. I’d wake every single night at 2am, took loads of pain killers, lay in agony for 2 hours until I managed to get to sleep again. Became very grumpy and very tired.

    Unfortunately by now in lock down so couldn’t return my mattress to exchange under the ikea 90 day guarantee or try out new ones. I added and removed pillows, purchased at topper but 3 and a half weeks of no sleep later I gave in and ordered a highly reviewed mattress off themattresman website at 2am whilst in agony. 2 nights later I had the perfect nights sleep and have continued to ever since. No more back pain and I wake up happy again.

    Our local bed shop do a pretty good, own brand, pocket sprung mattress that I think is great. Better, for me, than many of the other mattresses they sell at significantly higher prices. Still not as cheap as the Ikea jobbie but I think it’s pretty good value for money. Around £800 for a double. And I like it a lot more than our Hypnos. Wouldn’t have another one of them. Worth noting I generally prefer firmer mattresses.

    Abingdon Beds if anyone is interested. Locally owned and run by a couple of decent lads.


    Possibly save yourself a whole of of time and agro.

    What’s the old mattress? Where’s it from ??

    Go and give it a quick try, if it feels good, buy it !!

    Good luck

    Have fun


    We bought one of these – they weigh a ton, but are amazing given the price. It’s pretty firm, appreciate not everyone likes that though. You won’t sink into it though.

    Premier Icon bentandbroken

    Another Ikea Hovag fan here.

    I spent years planning on getting the mattress that PremierInn use (they sell them direct), but after a single night on the Ikea bed I changed my mind and saved a few hundred quid.

    I have now stopped staying at PremierInn as their beds are not a comfy as mine!

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    Go test before you buy.
    On the back of many STW threads, we went to IKEA to check some out.
    Pretty much every one was far too soft. Even the firm versions felt pretty wallowy.
    The only one I’d consider firm is the Hyllestad which was good all round.

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    Mrs is also nagging about ours, it was amazing when we bought it, but that was 8 years ago and it’s knackered now.

    Was all set to get the Ikea one, but they’re closed and Emma is offering a 50% NHS discount at the moment. I know you should try before you buy, but she’s impulsive and I need something to cheer her up. £350 for a king sized is about a 3rd of what we paid last time.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I do like my Simba but would say it is quite warm in summer


    Premier Icon thenorthwind

    I love how all the IKEA mattress product pages have a video of a (presumably) nice Swedish man poking them and lying down on them, as if that’s going to be remotely useful in determining how comfortable it will be for me.


    Any views on a the effect of ‘coil sprung divan’ base?

    Used to be around when I was a kid but don’t seam to be very popular any more. Divans in general are out of trend now days.

    Definitely try before you buy but please buy British. There are still a few quality British mattress makers still, Vi spring, Harrison etc and we should be supporting our own companies where we can, especially with a supposed recession on the way. We just bought a nice locally made pocket spring mattress for £500 and are very happy with it.

    Premier Icon njee20

    We’ve got an Emma, I agree that it certainly warmer; although I notice it most when I get out and then get back in, rather than being hotter in bed, if that makes sense. Not had it through summer though, so we’ll see…

    It is very comfy I must say. Got the matching pillows too, they took a while to get used to, still not totally sure.

    Never pay full price, they have a perpetual 40-50% off for whatever reason.


    Silentnight Mirapocket bought about 7 months ago. Firm, very comfortable, £500ish off their website. Argos had them for £300.



    Yep. Specifically the one they make for Premier Inn. It’s very comfortable and cooler than the memory foam type.

    Premier Icon thenorthwind

    To go off at a slight tangent: has anyone bought a bed frame from Ikea as well? I’m wondering whether their bed bases which have “comfort zones which adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress” (e.g. are worth it over the standard loose slats with just webbing in between:

    Premier Icon stevious

    We’ve got a Leesa which was advertised as being cooler than other foam mattresses.

    If the temp is even remotely warm I end up sleeping in the spare room.

    We’re getting an IKEA mattress soon.

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