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  • joebristol

    Bird Aeris 120 / 145. Only issue may be weight – I’ve not weighed mine but suspect it’s around 32lbs. That’s not an expensive build though – for a £3k budget you could get it lighter.

    I’m running 1×11 GX, Rockshox Yari and the cheapest wheels that Bird sell (DT Swiss e1900). Plenty of weight to get out of that build with some more cash.

    Best full sus bike I’ve ridden for pedalling uplhill / on the flat, and downhill it’s a hooligan that just builds up more and more speed. Love it.


    Contemplating chopping the Cannondale Trigger for something else.
    I have a list of bikes I’d like to try – 130-140mm-ish travel: Cotic Flare, Canyon Spectral, Whyte T130 being a few but not ruling anything out.
    Type of riding: trail centres, Peaks, Lakes and occasional uplift days. Don’t really get airborne very often but it needs to be strong – not fussed on carbon.
    Not set a budget – upper end would be £3k.
    Sub 30lbs would be ideal.
    This is def a want as opposed to need purchase which I’m looking into – I doubt any bike will instantly transform me into a riding god. Would like to try before I buy (Canyon will be tricky) hence the title.

    Any thoughts/any bikes I should try/left off list?


    Premier Icon twonks

    After owning a fat bike for a short period I’m starting to come round to semi fat for the grip factor.

    Just in the process of building a HT with plus tyres to get a feel for it, and if it works my next bike will be something like a Flare Max or Ibis something max.

    Around Cannock the fatty was hilarious and I found myself trying (and succeeding in most instances) to get up stupid hills that the normal FS wouldn’t get purchase from regular 2.25 tyres.

    Going down I’m not sure about yet, but basically with your budget I’d at least try throw a leg over a plus to see if it’s your thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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