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  • What has everyone been up to today then?
  • My neighbour and me went riding on Cannock Chase – decided to stay away from the ‘normal’ trails and go find some new riding…. chase was rammed with MTB enthusiasts…. found somewhere to park and 3 hrs later had ‘discovered’ a whole new loop that we will now incorporate into weekly rides… 😛
    Watched F1GP –
    Got the ironing out while waiting for re-start that never happened .. 😯
    Had a meal with Mrs and then had a long walk with our dog… 8)
    Now bored shitless and want to bail out to bed.. 🙄


    Helping to build the new Gisburn forest Red trail. Looks amazing!!!!!

    Woke up when the sun came up as we don’t have blinds up yet in our stunning attic bedroom.

    Had breakfast.
    Mate came over from York to ride.
    Went on officially THE best ride I can remember (read all about it here) and even bumped into woody2000 when he was out trying to break various demo bikes.

    Relaxed all afternoon, had a lovely tea washed down with a summery bottle of Bulmers and then wrote this and am off to bed to read the latest copy of Evo.

    Its what EVERY Sunday should be for.

    Oh – and well done Luton. I’m a Leeds fan so I know what it feels like when everyone is against you. You needed some good luck!

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    Lazy brekkie. Got ready to ride from home, rode from home over to Gargrave, Airton, Calton, Weets Top, Winterburn Resevoir and Hetton and then back home for bike washing and roast chicken dinner. Read the papers.

    Realised I was tired when I started switching the lights off half an hour ago to go to bed but its a bit too early yet.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Helping Orangina get jiggy with the Hilti…..

    Girls and powertools… heaven!

    Don’t Mess With The Germans….

    Only Supposed to Blow The Doors Off etc etc


    Coed y Brenin, sullied only by rear shock loosing all its rebound damping. Only had that fixed about 6 months ago as well


    Tasting new coffee beans and adjusting dosage.



    stuck inside organising a race series, chatting up sponsors, worrying about toilets (how many), wondering how we managed to get such a good prize list



    Woke up to day 2 of my stag.

    Got breakfast, still drunk
    Went quad biking, still drunk
    Halfway through quads, sobered up into my hangover.
    Clay pigeon shooting (15/25 on my first go)
    Fewer pints

    Bed now.


    woke up hung over, rode to work, put in four hours of ot then went for a ride ’round lee quarry, top notch btw.


    Killed the petrol strimmer- it’s 20 yrs old but it may have breathed its last 🙁 Mowed much of the lawns. Dug two new beds, and dug over some others. Cleared some of the wasteland that is the end of my garden where nobody dares to go. Failed at lighting a BIG furkov bonfire with petrol!!! Washed three loads, hung out, dried, taken in. Baked a couple of loaves. Made two batches of soup, sweet potato with peppers- and mushroom. planted corriander, basil, cos and iceburg lettuce, rocket, a Mediterranean mix of some sort, garlic, radishes, parsley, basil and broccolli. Cucumis, squash pumpkins and Chives. Rudbeckia and some arcitechtural plants in propergator(sp?) as are some of the others. Built up wife’s new wheels. Had a snooze. Passed out. A good day. Tommorrow I’m off to Afan for a few hours of local mindless fun.

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