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  • alwyn

    Lazy breakfast over the papers, lunch at Sophies in Covent Garden. Stroll around the National (Whistlejacket is back!) then back home for a game of squash and a swim at the gym. Lovely. No riding for once. Still lovely, though!

    Lazy lie in, met up with 4 others and went out on the motorbikes to Bibury to look at the trout farm and have an ice cream. 160 miles later all pile back to mine for a BBQ. now lying on he sofa pooped after a mad but awesome weekend.
    After 6 1/2 years of being together Mr MC and I are on the same shifts! yeah to having some time off to play together.


    Trail building at Stainburn.

    You should all try it some time 😉 (if you are local of course). It’s very rewarding. My forearms now resemble those of a self harmer thanks to the rocks we have shifted today.

    Fitted a kiddie seat onto my bike and went to Walton to the bookshop, they had a book for me there, Robert Elms’s paperback. On the way back we saw somebody’s villa in the shape of a mosque near Shepperton Marina, we played on swings and had a laugh. We then rode some more.
    We also washed the car, together, me and my daughter. Such a star, she is.
    Simply, it’s been a lovely day, even football results went the right way and annoyed a few mates 😉

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Set off riding this morning at 8.30 or so, had a 3hr spin then went to my mates demo day and tried to break (not really!) an Alpitude, an Altitude and a Cube AMS. Free cake, coffee and pie ‘n’ peas too – happy days. Got back home about 3.45, knackered but smiling 🙂

    Haven’t moved much since mind……!


    set off riding 9.15am, got back to the car park 1.30pm, 20 miles steady pace up the Washburn Valley; could almost hear Chase’s arms getting knackered…


    Built a bike out of spare parts, in the kitchen, with wife’s permission!

    Really REALLY bad phone pic, but you get the idea.

    Er – finished reading my book on biochemistry 🙂

    Premier Icon trout

    Got up had breakie then moved furniture for 18 year old daughter who moved out today 😥 to a rented house with boy friend.
    then some spring gardening followed by a walk with said daughters new dog which is supposed to move out with her but for some strange reason is still here.
    then a curry and a couple of bottles of dog to wash it down .


    Got up at 7am, adjusted chain and setup my fork.

    Met him with fellow riders and then rode bikes at local trails for hrs in lush weather.

    Pub and rode home to scoff food.

    Now home knackered about to put the trash out.

    Clean and tidy workshop full of crap and things to fall over like turbo trainer and chain bits.

    Swear as I knocked over brake fluid-shimano tops are made from paper.

    Do some reading/work and moan on forum as usual 😈


    Got up, went for a ride for a few hours, came back and did more unboxing following the move, cleaned the car and then did half a bike build in the back garden.

    Felt like a busy day.


    Fighting a hangover after all day drinking/boomslang at the junction last night. Think i have got the upper hand finally so celebrating with a Dominos.

    Not looking forward to fat club 2.

    Up at 5.15. In car for 6.00, on Quantocks at 6.45, ready to roll @ 7.00. Cracking ride starting with frost and moving to lovely warm sunshine.

    Home for 12.00. Bacon & eggs for everyone. Mowed the lawns, did some weeding, some washing. Played kids monopoly for tooo long (with aforementioned kids I hasten to add) Cooked tea. ABout to have a bath.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so got up and did some painting in the new garage conversion. Good job I started early, ‘cos I then had to drive the car to East Midlands airport, dump it for the missus returning from hols (+ 4 others) and then cycle back to Leek. It’s nice to cover miles quickly on the road bike sometimes, but I’m ready to flop in front of the telly with a big bowl of pasta now

    well, i wasn’t happy with the clutch lever action on my bike, so decided to finely tune it. it got so finely tuned, the fekkin thing doesn’t work at all now. hopeflly, just an airlock so a bleed should fix it it.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    6:00 Awake
    6:30 Clean the bathroom
    7:00 Fried egg sandwich and breakfast TV
    8:00 Get the boy up
    8:20 – 9:30 Watch the boy suck a piece of toast
    10:00 Tesco
    11:30 Swimming pool with the missus and the boy
    14:00 Move 3×100 kg stone troughs
    15:30 2 hours on the bike
    17:30 Make and freeze ¾ ton of squash risotto baby food
    19:30 Bath the boy
    19:50 Write an account of my day whilst giving him his night time bottle

    Well, you did ask.


    On the north devon coast line watching the surf….

    FFS even that got me down cuz i can’t even do that..


    took the bike out this morning to go a find my car I abandoned last night. Fed the ducks with junior on the way. Went round the girlfriends and planted a load of veg, had a nice bit of dinner and a good ‘ol fashioned kip in front of Dr No.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    …and a good ‘ol fashioned kip in front of Dr No.

    A sunday afternoon sleep infront of a Bond film is one of the finest things in life.

    Slept in
    Toasted bacon bagels (I know, I know, but they’re lovely!)
    Hung out washing
    Went for pleasant bimbly on/off road ride with GF and mate for a few hours (I took the old HT for a change)
    Included light lunch in The Hunters’ Lodge beer garden
    Home, tea, bath
    Made and ate curry
    Dismantled bike, TORA fork really needs a service – looking at TFT now!

    A good day

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    0730 up
    0840 out the house
    0950 at Balmaha
    1020 riding in SW highlands in wonderful sunshine – really is that dream time of year where trails are dry, weather is good and the midge isn’t out. Could have got away with shorts, just about.
    Rode Balmaha – Garadnban Forest – Drymen Road Cottage – Loch Ard Forest – Loch Chon – Loch Arklet – Inversnaid – Loch Lomondside section of WHW – Balmaha
    1640 stop riding 43 miles later, a grand day out indeed. Crisps and Irn Bru as a post ride snack (when in Balmaha, act like a weegie)
    1830 home
    1900 pizza, Cotes du Rhone, garlic bread, salad
    2011 finish random post on internet.


    Up 9.30 took JimtheGreyhound to park to chase squirrels (and haveing to force way through thick-head rugbyists who insist on blocking the path)
    10.30 porridge
    11.15 bike, trying to stay in 1 gear to prepare for SSUK!
    14.20 home, Tour of Flanders/hot X buns/Belgian beer!
    16.00 see 9.30 (not so many thick-heads)
    17.00 shower
    17.15 more beer*, sunday roast-style food
    *repeat untill bed time
    A nice, sunny, day. Saw butterflys, a toad, and a woodpecker too! 🙂


    21:30 (Last night) – start work
    05:30 this morning – finish work
    06:00 – get home, go straight to bed.
    09:30 – get up, sit like a zombie for an hour
    10:30 – find and book holiday online
    12:00 – go out to pub for something to eat
    14:00 – pass out on couch
    15:00 – mess about on computers for a little bit
    18:00 – go back to work.
    20:00 – get home, log on read that, type this.
    21:00 (when it comes) – start drinking beer and watching fun with dick and jane.


    Up Tesco shopping, home make kebabs and satay sauce. Round to a mates for Braai (bbq SA style) beers, meat and chilling in the garden. Since that been home browising the net for houses till I found my way here.


    Got up, had some cinamon and rasin bagels and a tea.

    Took the dog for a run

    Went out for a bigish ride – sheffield, over cut gate, back via strines – while my girlfriend was at dancing on ice live.

    Then went out for a ride with girlfriend and dog at Whyming Brook.

    About to eat lots!


    Got up at daft o’Clock with my wee man and took all our junk to the car boot sale,
    im now up £150 and he is up £50 🙂

    Then went to Monifieth kitesurfing as the wind kicked in. What a day.
    Sun was out. 15 knot winds. 😀

    Just sitting watching the adventure show after having a lovely prawn salad and now into my 2nd glass of some obscure white wine.

    All in all a belter of a day 😀

    Hope all you guys and gals had one equally as enjoyable

    Up at 6.15
    A nice leisurely breakfast.
    Met up with Kev,Martin,Jim and Dan at Llandegla.
    Had a pleasant blast round
    Back to the Cafe,where we met up with Gareth and Hugo
    Arrived home,cleaned bike took the boy to his mate’s house. Picked Mum and Dad up from their holiday.
    Had tasty evening meal
    And now I’m writing this drivel.


    Up @ 6.30am to walk the dog for 45 mins
    Back home for breaky
    8.50,quick blast on the bike over Cannock Chase for 1.5 hrs
    10.25 shower
    10.45 More food
    11am-3pm set about tackling doing the front garden,first time for about 6 months
    3.30pm Lunch
    4pm washed the dog
    4.30 cleaned the bathroom to clean up after hairy bollox’s mess(see above)
    4.45pm walked hairy bollox again,but took wife & daughter this time.Watched the ‘ickle sailing boats sailing around Chasewater
    5.30 went to visit me mum
    6.30 made daughters tea & mine,lads have gone to the flix & wifey don’t want none.
    7.30pm made sarnies for tomorrow
    7.45pm remembered bike is still in the back garden,put it in garage & oiled the chain(dontcha just love dry trails 8) )
    8pm run bath for daughter
    8.10 onwards R-e-l-a-x-e-d………………..

    A sunday afternoon sleep infront of a Bond film is one of the finest things in life.

    Hell yes. An institution.


    Played on my newly built single speed and now im pooped!


    04:58 Up from bed
    06:09 Started 40 mile walk at http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/
    17:44 Finished 40 miles walk. Beating my previous best by over 2 1/2 hours.
    19:00ish Pizza
    20:00ish Hot bath

    A more detailed account here: http://twitter.com/kdavitt
    Far and away my most detailed daily log to date.

    A sunday afternoon sleep infront of a Bond film is one of the finest things in life

    sounds more like a waste of life to me 🙁

    Premier Icon ton

    A sunday afternoon sleep infront of a Bond film is one of the finest things in life

    sounds more like a waste of life to me

    simon, one man’s…… is another man’s……..

    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    Up at 6 and off to work. Felt like crap. Got home and watched the rugby league. Lovely wife had dinner ready. No alcohol as I am on call for the rest of the week. Blah.

    Up at 8, feed cats,chickens,ducks and rabbits, walk dog. Search for pedal spanner for approx 1 hour. Change clicking pedal on bike and then out for 55 mile ride Long Mynd, Stiperstones, Eastridge. Watching Secret Millionaire with very tired legs!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    went to wembley with 40000 hatters to cheer luton to cup final victory
    blinding game!

    simon, one man’s…… is another man’s……..

    I love sleeping too, but it’s as close to not doing anything as you can get 🙁


    AM – watching son play in U6’s football game. Christ, some parents can be a bit too competitive. Think they need to consider playing themselves so their kids can stand on the side line and offer them ‘helpful advice’ 😐

    PM – scratching my forearms to pieces (along with Chase and others) trying to jigsaw rocks into some kind of rideable track up at Stainburn.

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