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  • What four bike towball mounted rack?
  • richardk

    Thule Euroclassic G6 929 plus the extra bike adapter. Just did 1500 miles with 4 bikes on across summer – no problems.


    +1 Euroclassic

    Premier Icon philtricklebank

    I bought A Halfords Advanced one two years ago for about £250-£300, very good and going strong. Folds up small enough to go in the boot whilst you are riding for the day, and doesn’t take up too much room in the garage. Vertical dividers prevent bikes rubbing except some bikes that don’t “tesselate” well – I just use some pipe lagging for protection there. Also you can tilt the whole thing backwards with 4 bikes on it to get access to the boot. Setting up and fitting to the car took me a pestering-child-free hour or so initially but thereafter it takes only 5-10minutes to get four bikes loaded up each time. Quick releases from the towbar in seconds.

    Link here, come down in price to a penny under £200 at the minute

    Halfords Advance Four bike carrier


    Thule Euroclassic 903 here plus bike extension for the 4th bike when required. £60 Ebay bargin a couple of years ago

    Premier Icon Nick

    Have got a Thule Ride On 3 bike carrier that we used on the Mondeo, which is fine, but that was with fourth bike in boot, which with light brown/cream interior on the Passat that has replaced it that isn’t an option anymore (plus it was a pain).

    So do I have to spend £500 on another Thule or are there any decent alternatives?

    Premier Icon singletracksurfer

    I’ve got a Witter one which is good. Proper 4 bike one with tilt function so you can get in the boot still. Around £450. zx404 or something like that.

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