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  • matther01

    Cant go wrong with my Joe Blow II IMO…funky yellow and black too.


    Giant control tower 1 £40.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Cant go wrong with my Joe Blow II


    Premier Icon mr_stru

    I’ve got a specialized one and it’s pretty decent.


    Any suggestions before I click buy on a silca pista for £28 from winstanleys? Classic long lasting track pump yeah?

    Lezyne have the bling factor but my little alloy drive ones a pain and nothing special, plus they are £50 up

    Other one I noticed was brants phaart polished alloy one for £35, any one got one, any good?

    Oh and EBC one has just exploded and lost part of it so not another one of them


    Silca Pista is amazing by the way, real basic engineering using industrial hoses and connectors with push fittings as used across the hydraulics world and perfected by the Italians.

    Something massively different to standard off the peg track pumps with flimsy plastic bits, really impressed and glad i strayed from the norm

    This is what im talking about

    +2 for the Joe Blow. Mine is 12 years old and still going strong.
    My Dad has a Blackburn floor pump which feels nicer and is still going after 18 years.

    Premier Icon kcal

    Have a Silca (from Winstanleys) when my Joe Blow was not functioning. It’s good, but the Presta adapter is fiddly to use. Schraeder is OK, proper screw on thread which you may like or not.

    I got a rebuild kit for my old Jow Blow, has gauge at top of barrel which is good, and it has the two-valve (not smart) type of head. It’s a good bit of kit too TBH.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Topeak Joe Blow

    End of thread.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I’ve got a Lidl one and its good for MTB tyres but not for Road tyres, its a lot harder work getting above 100psi compared to my old Serfas Air Bones.


    Topeak Joe Blow

    Hear, hear

    I had a topeak, lasted about 5 years, got a cheep one from halfords and its almost identical except its red and hasnt broken yet.


    £12 Bell track pump from asda works a treat on road, MTB and car.


    I’ve had this Halfords one for a good 15 years!

    Most people that have used it have commented on how easy it is to attach (the head accepts Schraeder or Presta without alteration).

    The pressure gauge is easier to see than a Joe Blow as it’s mounted at the top of the pump.


    At work we use specialized ones. My boss is tight so just the basic £35rrp
    One and they last ages

    Spares back up is good

    Never had a topeak one last Longenough for me
    Silica use to be the daddy but not tried in years

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I use Blackburn Air Towers. They’re cheap and nasty but they shift a load of air fast, which is what you want really. I’d like a better made, longer lived one but the first job is to inflate tyres and these are the best I’ve used.

    No idea why people still muck about with screw-on chucks these days.

    I’ve got a Joe Blow Sport which is a nicely made pump but nothing like as useful- it takes about 4 times as many strokes to inflate a tyre, very poor for tubeless. (and it’s not any better at road tyres than pumps which move more air).

    Another vote for the Joe Blow (Yellow one).

    If it’s for MTB – especially if you run tubeless – go for the Lezyne Dirt Drive, it’s so much better than my Joe Blow (which I still use for the road bike).


    Joe Blow, class

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Joe Blow – workshops are full of them for a good reason. Loads of spares widely available too.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed


    You were right first time with the Silca Pista. Ignore these other fools. They no nothing. 😉

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