what constitutes a 'hilly' ride?

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  • what constitutes a 'hilly' ride?
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    When I lived in Bristol it was certainly like that, as you say, lots of short sharp climbs, nothing flat, but no long sustained efforts either.

    15.7miles, 460m climbed, 1h06m, 14.1mph average 🙁

    That 6 minutes is coming off before August, I’m determined (on a slightly different but equaly hilly route, see below)!

    And linking back to this thread……..

    Why would anyone defend dual carridgeway riding? Birk Brow road is about a mile of dual carridgeway/crawler lane up the A171. The rest of the A171 is fine, but drivers just lose all their judgement, common sense and courtesy for that one section! Its a crawler lane up a hill, if you want to try and double the 50mph speed limit use the f***** fast lane. Anoyingly it’s probably also the toughest climb in the vacinity.

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    That 6 minutes is coming off before August

    10% improvement in just over a week? Good luck with that 🙂

    I reckon there must be time left in

    *Not slowing for cars, trafic lights etc (so some good luck needed)
    *Most of the gains so far have been in technique, i.e. not attacking climbs so I’m no knackered for the flater bit afterwards.
    *Adding on a couple of miles warming up, I was really struggling for the first mile or so of climbing.
    *The last climb is the longest by distance, a bit more practice so I can figure out from what point I can stop going up sensibly and start going balls out.

    And if that still doesn’t work, I’ll buy myself some fitness with new wheels on payday!

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    I’m really tempted by some Roval Alpiniste’s now they’re being knocked out cheap. 1060g wheels have to be worth a few percent, hmmm….

    Yeh, a good warm up is essential I reckon. Best bet is nail it up a steep hill before you start to get your heart rate and legs warmed up.

    If your idave diet/pack of digestives per day diet goes to plan and you lose some weight, you’ll find the hills much quicker.

    Where did this whole packet of biscuits thing come from? I’ve averaged 1 and a bit chcoclate rich tea’s a day this month (which for me is nothing!)

    **** knows, I was just repeating what someone else typed, it tickled me anyway

    Might work though, bit like the mars bar diet, you get so sick of one food that you really can’t cope with eating it so eat nothing……

    Once saw a digestive rocket. Take a packet of biscuits, mix in some melted butter to make a cheescake base type mixture, pack into cylinder with a hole down the middle, both ends capped with nozzels. Attach oxygen supply to one nozzle and stand well back of the other!

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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