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  • What CD’s have you got recently?
  • Premier Icon MrSparkle
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    Me – Conquer by Soulfly
    Ogdens Nut Gone Flake by Small Faces

    How’s that for a mixture? ;0)

    Premier Icon vdubber67
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    New White Lies album. Like Julian Cope singing with Editors…top stuff!

    Premier Icon deadlyhifi
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    I don’t mess with that old school disc based technology.

    Premier Icon GrahamS
    Full Member

    What’s a “See-Dee” grandad?

    Premier Icon MrAgreeable
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    Haven’t bought any CDs for ages. It’s all about 8-tracks for ’09 (warning: contains mildly saucy photos)


    Premier Icon xherbivorex
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    can’t remember the last CD i got, but it was probably last august or thereabouts and may well have been a demo…
    last vinyl record i got was 2 weeks ago; a band from glasgow called Mesa Verde. and very good it is too. next up is an LP by a US band called Bridge and Tunnel… then my band is playing a gig with them in manchester in april, which i’m pretty excited about as we haven’t played in ages and they are dead good.

    Premier Icon twohats
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    The last CD’S I bought were, Torche, Meanderthal and Cult of Luna, Etenal Kingdom.

    The last bit of vinyl was a 7″ single by Integrity, Walpurgisnacht!

    Premier Icon Lootenant
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    The last one was Transnormal Skipperoo by Jim White bought a couple of weeks ago.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex
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    i’m looking at selling some old integrity items.
    never listen to them any more.

    Premier Icon twohats
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    i’m looking at selling some old integrity items.
    never listen to them any more.

    Really! What you thinking of selling?

    Premier Icon xherbivorex
    Free Member

    integ/mayday split 7″ (first press)
    integ tape (limited to 100, remastered version of the “in contrast of sin” 7 that was sent to people dark empire messed about over some integ shirts with copyrighted imagery on)
    asphalt CD (clevo supergroup type affair with dwid on vocals, frank novinec on guitar and people like erba doing bits here and there)
    those who fear tomorrow CD (first press with original francis bacon cover art)

    probably more but i can’t remember off the top of my head.

    i still haven’t asked bez who you are either!

    Premier Icon twohats
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    Mmmm, I’ve got the repress of that Integ/Mayday split, would be nice with the original though.

    Got too many versions of Those who Fear Tomorrow.

    If you’ve got any more rare Integrity vinyl I’d be interested…

    I’m sure the suspense on asking Bez must be killing you! 😉

    Premier Icon darrell
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    Neil Young – Live in canterbury 1968

    Premier Icon kona_uk
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    New album from kings of leon.

    Premier Icon macmclaren
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    Linkin Park – Live atMilton Keynes. Awesome

    and Jason Mraz – such a feelgood album

    Premier Icon CountZero
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    CD’s are a built-in back-up. My most recent ones are
    King Creosote ‘KC Rules OK’
    Ting Tings
    Foo Fighters ‘The Colour And The Shape’ with extra tracks
    The Who ‘Then And Now’
    Joan As Police Woman ‘To Survive’
    New albums to get include
    Asobi Seksu
    Andrew Bird
    A Camp

    Premier Icon psling
    Free Member

    BBKing & Friends 80th B’day was last one I bought.
    Gilmour live in Gdansk (xmas pressie).
    Seasick Steve (given to me by a mate).

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Most recent has been picking at the carcass of Zavvi;

    Skid Row x 2
    Darkness x 2
    G N’ R (Lies and Live Era)
    Faith No More (Angel Dust and Epic)
    Oh, and also picked up a superb Bernstein recording of Copeland’s Appalachian Spring.

    Premier Icon neverfastenuff
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    I got a pack of 10 blanks from TESCO

    Premier Icon skinnysteel
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    Some old Martin Stephenson remasters. Probably be tempted by the Only Ones reissues too. Am I out of step with the modern world?

    Premier Icon smudge
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    darrell, whats the neil young live in canterbury cd like? next on my list to get from him.
    Is it as good as Massey Hall

    Premier Icon noteeth
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    Gillian Welch Revival

    Stars of the Lid The tired sounds of…

    Both great – in different ways.

    Premier Icon soma_rich
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    [Spunge] are great just listening to there stuff now.
    Trying to book them for the Big Bike Bash

    Premier Icon Macinblack
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    Ear wax removal courtesy of:

    Svest – Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum: Le Diable Est Ma Raison
    Darkspace – III
    Paysage D’hiver – Kristal & Isa
    Horna – Sanojesi Äärelle

    Premier Icon johnhoo
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    New Model Army – F*ck Texas, Sing For Us
    Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
    Linkin Park – Meteora & Minutes To Midnight

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