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  • following on from my Q about fitters in bristol, what should i be looking for?

    combi boiler replacement – to be put in the same place in kitchen next to sink.

    3 story, mid terrace, late 90’s built house.

    2/3 ppl live there

    2 bedrooms of a decent size, plus kitchen, living room, box room, bathroom and loo.

    ‘owt i should avoid?

    Premier Icon tallmart10

    Ive got a Woscester Bosch 28i Greenstar, 10 years old no probs so far. My mate just bought one too so they still make them. Detached, 4 bed place


    Worcs Bosch 30i Perfect for your 2 bed 1 bath home. Best value for money and British made.
    There are many other boilers out there. Some about the same money as the Worcs Bosch but neither better or worse and many others a lot cheaper which I would avoid like the plague.

    nice one, will keep them in mind..

    Premier Icon Davesport

    I’ll chip in my £0.02. I’ll recommend Vaillant. No probs in 5 years, quiet in operation and not full of injection moulded plastic parts.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    We just had a Ideal Logic+ fitted.
    Three plumbers quoted – two of the three suggested that the new Ideal’s were (Ahem) ideal, and proving reliable. More reliable than the price gap to a WorcesterBosch or Valliant. The third offered the same WB vs Ideal choice, with no suggestion either was better or worse.
    New Logic+ 30, wireless roomstat/7day programmer, magnaclean thingumy, flue extension and chemicals cost me £1080 by hunting online and haggling.
    Plumber fitted it for extra £54 of gas pipe and drain and £550+vat labour, in a day, with a flush.

    i was told top buy a worc bosch (mine is an oil fired combi) and in the 8 or 9 years we’ve had it its been the most unreliable piece of stuff you could imagine and about every 18months has a major failiure.

    that said, the plus, is that worc bosch customer service is amazing and i definitely recomend their annual service plan.

    We’ve got a Viessman, and 3 years in and not a peep from it.


    Comes with a 5 year warranty and 10 years on the heat exchange.


    I’m currently having an Ideal Logic Vogue 32kw installed in my home, comes with a 10 yr warranty and is supposed to be their latest generation boiler. Can’t really comment on it’s performance yet tho. My house is on 3 floors lounge, kitchen, 2 bed rooms, 2 smaller rooms, small bathroom. I was up for the 26kw, but the plumber gave me some waffle about hot water, can’t recall what he said tho.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    i install every day.. only fit one brand… in 12 years i ve had to make 3 warranty claims.. and repaired maybe another dozen out of warranty.. all mechanical stuff breaks and stuff that involves burning gas heating water to close to boiling all day everyday should be prone to more breakdowns especially the level of neglect some endure. my favored manufactuer offers up to 10 years warranty minumum 5.. i recieve no reward or favor from them for fitting their brand but wont fit any other.. worcester Bosch.. 30si is the do it all in the range.. fitted a 42cdi today ( thats 1900 quid of a boiler over 17 liters of hot water per minute and fits in a kitchen cupbaord.. very impressive kit.)


    great thread

    my boiler packed up on sat

    a trusted local bloke my mate recomends has quoted for a ideal boiler with 7 yr warranty £1980 fitted
    and the new one that is recently out ideal 10 yr parts and labour warranty £2200

    or he can get a worcs for about £2200 – but they are only 5 year guarantee

    he’s coming friday to install one of them , just need to let him know which one ?



    My Dad paid a shed load over the odds to BG to have a Worcester Bosch fitted. Some low life contract plumber fitted it incorrectly and its given nothing but trouble in 7 years with at least 3 breakdowns per year. This just makes him pay for the maintenance which is another rip off. We have s Baxi. Cheap as chips no trouble and if it plays up we’ll replace it.


    Worcester Bosch is what I have but I am putting a new one in another flat and my heating fitter who is really good recommends Valiant now not Worcester Bosch as he says they are easier to work on and at least as reliable with a 7 year warrenty

    Premier Icon totalshell

    one question i would ask is why on earth your all paying SO much to have stuff installed..as above i charge for materials at cost plus 300 a day.. the most expensive wb inc flue plus a filter and wireless controls is 1966 the cheapest with the same is about 1150 add about 150/200 for pipework fittings etc and thats 1650 to 2466 for a one day combi swap for the countries best selling brand.. pay more and your just subsidising the blokes holidays..


    don’t get that reply, you said we are all paying too much for installation, yet the amount i mentioned are within your range ?

    Ideal Logic+ fitted 18mths ago . Great price @ £650 incl flue, long warrenty period if serviced annually. Paid another £600 for a like for like install incl a machine power flush and some magnetic filter ( advert on Ebay )
    Quiet in operation , effecient . No problems so far. …


    Viessmann now 10year parts and labour warranty for additional £120ish if installed by Viessmann trained installer. Had the 100-30 for 5 years. Just works. Also has weather compensation to save additional 8-12% on gas usage. Simple to fit and service. No special tools required to service like WB….that’s my gripe with WB


    just had a veissmann fitted along with wireless thermostat from honeywell. well happy

    right, so i’ve got some quotes through from 2 companies… (2 more to come next week)


    Valiant ecotech pro28 (5yr warrenty), with all the usual bits and pieces inc a wireless stat and a magnetic filter – £2135

    I could have a Vokera easiheat 29 instead for £1745 or Baxi 428 for £2015

    internet/app controls for an extra £200


    Valliant ecotech pro28, as above but without the magnetic filter (he said it wouldn’t fit, the other guy said he’d just turn it 90 degrees to fit… bloke ‘2’ said it wouldn’t invalidate my warrenty) – £1995

    Valliant pro24 £1845 (this was his original suggestion)
    Worcester 30i £1970
    Worcester 25i £1855

    Any clangers in there? should I just stump up the extra?
    do I need this magnetic filter?
    should i get internet controls (I’m away a lot..)



    well had my ideal vogue fitted today, new flue, magnetic wotsit, anti miscall wotsit, wireless thermostat

    10 year warranty on parts and labour on these

    £2114 fitted

    its currently 25degrees in the living room !

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    Ideal vogue, worth it for the awesome warranty. Ours has been in a year, seen a real improvement in efficiency too.

    no ideals on offer yet…

    i can upgrade the warranty if i wish with the others


    i was told the 5 yr warranty on a wocester is 2 years parts/labour and following 3 years parts only

    so double check

    the 10yr ideals have stainless steel heat exchanger ? instead of aluminium ones on lower models apparently

    fair enough!

    wish there was some proper boiler review site – can’t find many objective reviews about any of the above anywhere! guess it’s just pot luck…


    For the guys who’ve got the Viessmann boilers, check the serial numbers below, we got an alert from gassafe yesterday for faulty gas valves affecting these boilers

    Affected model

    Only the following seven Viessmann Vitodens 100-W serial numbers are affected:

    7543420601446103 System 19kW Boiler
    7543421601692101 System 26kW Boiler
    7543421601693108 System 26kW Boiler
    7543421601715107 System 26kW Boiler
    7543421601716104 System 26kW Boiler
    7543421601719105 System 26kW Boiler
    7543421601727100 System 26kW Boiler

    All these serial numbers relate to Viessmann Vitodens 100-W system boilers only.

    What do I need to do if I own, use or service one of these boilers?
    If the boiler has been installed contact Viessmann who will make arrangements to replace the gas valve, or if the boiler has not been installed, contact Viessmann to have the complete boiler replaced. Any customers, gas users or registered businesses who have concerns with regards to their Viessmann Vitodens 100-W boiler should contact Viessmann Ltd.

    For further information please contact Viessmann:
    Tel: 01952 675060
    Email: aftersales-uk@viessmann.com



    Out of all the options you have been given there the Worcester 30i sounds the best one. It has a slightly better domestic hot water flow rate than the Vaillant and if fitted by a Worcester accredited installer will have a 7 year warranty unlike the 5yr on the Vaillant.

    Don’t go for the Vokera Easiheat, it’s what I would class as a landlord boiler i.e. cheap and does the job. The Baxi 428 is new to the market so a bit of an unknown quantity but the few we have sold have got good feedback from the installers.

    The Ideal Vogue is a very good boiler and well worth the money. Looks very similar to a Vaillant but that’s because Ideal poached the Vaillant design guys and asked them to design them a new boiler.

    Get a magnetic filter, well worth the extra.

    RE: Internet controls, not really worth the extra. Just get an wireless controller that has a holiday mode you can set when you are out of the house for a while.

    Drop me an email if you want to pick my brain.


    About to get a new 35kw combi boiler and the vogue seems to be the one to go for. I do like the idea of a bigger one though as shower pressure is relatively low due to the mains pressure and bumping it up a bit would be great. Would it be stupid to get a 38kw or 40 in a 4 bed house with 11 radiators?


    Viessmann here for 8 years now, nothing gone wrong would defo get one again.

    Premier Icon Rio

    Just to counter the Viessmann love, we’ve had one now for 11 years and it’s been the most unreliable boiler I’ve ever come across, although to be fair it’s not been too bad for the last 3 years since they replaced the electronics, ignitor and a lot of the contents of the heat exchanger. It’s winter again and every morning we dread the return of the “F5” error where an unnecessary flap in the air flow has got stuck and left us with no heating. On the plus side we must be one of the few people who’ve had value out of a British Gas repair contract.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Is there much point getting a ‘bigger’ boiler than is recommended for your situation? I’m in a 1 bed house and the sole occupant but wondering if getting a 35-42kw would mean it’s generally less stressed and would help ensure the shower is decent. Or is it just wasting money?


    Or is it just wasting money?


    Look at the specs of the boilers and you’ll see that the heating output is generally the same throughout a range the only difference being the hot water flow rate. Something around 9-11lpm should do fine.

    re: Viessmann. Local Authority I used to deal with had Viesmann boilers in all their properties, I think they lasted around 5-7 years before it got to the stage where they started to replace them all because the repairs were getting out of hand.


    glasgowdan – Member
    About to get a new 35kw combi boiler and the vogue seems to be the one to go for.

    I got one (c32) for the 10 year guarantee, it’s also one of the few boiler at the moment that is open therm capable, I didn’t bother, just turned it down to super efficiency

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Is there much point getting a ‘bigger’ boiler than is recommended for your situation

    No. In fact it will be less efficient, by quite a way. Buy the correct size, if anything err on smaller.


    I think they lasted around 5-7 years before it got to the stage where they started to replace them all because the repairs were getting out of hand.

    When we got ours it was a brand new model. Everything we found about Viessmann was shocking. I don’t know if its BS, but Gas Engineers we spoke to said they were shocking, re designed them completely and now one of the best.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    We’ve just had a new one. Was offered the choice between Vaillant EcoTech and Ideal Logic.

    Went for the Vaillant. Seems different plumbers have different preferences.

    We also got a Nest thermostat as when lumped in with the overall cost of the boiler etc made very little difference and it’s a brilliant bit of kit. Definitely have the heating on less with it.

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