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  • daleftw

    Yep. Got the week off too. Go us.

    Yup – whole week off here too 😀


    I’m only working 2 days this week and had last week off, weather has been awesome so far – made it a whole week in Wales without a drop of rain 🙂


    I booked today off too. I was going to go for a biggie but yesterday’s century has left me aching and tired. 🙁


    I’ve also been lucky this week. Been out Friday, Sunday, off to try new hopton route today, the beast of Brenin on wed, Cannock thurs:)

    A week off here to. Happy **** days… 😀

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    @chunky – drop me an email if you want company, Wed I will be on Nirvana Cycles ride but flexible on other days. Doing 35k loop Guildford via Newlands and Winterfold today.

    Jealous. Not only am I at work, I also have a bike that I can’t ride until I fix it, which could well be a week or so 🙁

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    week off too here,can’t find the suncream!



    Gonna be plenty of riding this week. The North Downs pretty much to myself. 😮


    I’m using up my holiday hours before the end of the financial year, I’ve been off since the 10th and go back on the 4th 😆
    I’ve got the Quantocks to myself (mostly) again.


    I’m on Easter holiday from friday – just keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will stay like this!

    4ndy B

    I have the week off too… yay!

    Recovery from surgery meaning no riding (of any kind) for another 5 weeks.. booo!

    At least I have time to ponder which shiny new parts I’ll be using on my latest project 😉


    Jammy gits! At least I rode on Saturday and will ride in to work off-road tomorrow and be out on Wednesday night, which is very good going for me these days.

    Chunky – forks being fitted tomorrow at work. Ride in, swap forks, ride home. BOSH!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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