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  • What A Classic 2021 Malverns Classic!
  • chipps
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    And what a Malverns that was! For many people at this year’s end of August gathering-in-a-field, this was the first time they’d had a chance to meet, …

    By chipps

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    What A Classic 2021 Malverns Classic!

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    Top weekend.

    Very tired after the drive but sooo glad I went

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    That Yeti C26 in the last photo deserves a bit more love, given the effort that went into re-creating it (from bare carbon tubes)

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    A great weekend.
    So nice to be in a field with nice people.

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    Anyone chat to my mate Tom who recently started up the UK offspring of the GT Vault? He’s got some cracking bikes. Almost as good as Daimon (GT Vault founder in Aus).

    Combined they have some collection!

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    Some great friends of mine were camping and entered the Show ‘N’Shine.

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    Wandering round on Thursday eve, I bumped into this, and remember thinking it would have to be a special bike to beat it in the show and shine. It only went and won it…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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