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  • What 26″ LCD TV?
  • Premier Icon boriselbrus

    Right my old CRT has pretty much died and will need to be replaced with an LCD. Don’t want bigger than 26″ as the lounge is small and a 32″ will look ridiculous.

    Can anyone recommend anything to go for or anything to avoid?



    What size was your old tele?

    A 32″ LCD doesn’t come up much bigger than a 26″ CRT as you can get them much closer to the wall.

    And the price of 32″ CRT’s now is daft.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    The old TV is 24″ and that is too big for the room. We don’t watch a lot of TV and don’t want a TV which dominates the room.

    i was looking for a 26″ and found that theres not many about, theres not many reviews, and they are not much cheaper than a 32″, so just bought a 32″ LG in the end.

    Premier Icon TPTcruiser

    Think there were some 22″ screens with digital tuners on the Amazon weekly deals section. Seemed a good price if you don’t mind shrinking.


    The 32-26 argument is valid, but if you do want 26, as I did for the bedroom, UMC do a 26 with built in DVD for under £300 in currys. its a nice TV and saves on wires and mess of a seperate DVD player.

    we have a 26″ toshiba for the same reason (26WLT66)

    it’s on a folding bracket so it will go flat against the wall if we want it to disappear

    it’s not full HD but i like the picture quality (we don’t have a HD source anyway)

    sound quality is not the best


    samsung le26 whatever for 300 quid…

    Link to samsung on RGB direct site

    i think its worth steering clear of unknown brands


    I have just bought a 26in LCD from Argos for just over 200 quid.

    I dont watch much TV and didn’t want to spend too much !


    We have a Toshiba 26″ and the picture is excellent. However, the digital reception (freeview) is not as good as our old Sony CRT (off the same ariel and signal amplifier in the loft). The sound breaks up quite often and stations like Dave are intermittent whereas there’s no problem downstairs on the old Sony.

    For that reason our next tele will be a Sony but I guess it’s less of an issue if you live in a good reception area.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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