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  • flatfish

    No real firm rules,
    No set route,
    As far as you like.


    what exactly is it??, all i can see on barebonesbiking is a report on this years event.

    Waht are the rules?, is the route set? how far?

    kevsterjw … it’s a difficult question to answer but this is what happens.

    You enter.

    At the end of April you’ll get an email containing a number of grid references. You now have a month to work out a route taking in these grid references. *Some years you’re asked to visit at least a certain number, some years you’ll be asked to take a picture at the ones you visited, some years it’s just up to you.

    The route you’ve devised should keep you occupied from midday Sat until sometime Mon afternoon.

    Set off into the hills with other like minded souls and spend the next 3 days/2 nights out in the forests and mountains of Wales. Anything could happen now, you might find yourself lost in a very dark forest. You may end up being invited to sleep in a kids playhouse. You might spend a night in a fallen wind turbine. It’s a fair guess that you will ‘suffer’ a little and almost certain that you’ll return with stories to tell.

    Return to the start on Mon and eat lots of cake and drink buckets of tea. At least once over the weekend you’ll question why you’re doing it but within half an hour of finishing you’ll be planning next year 😉


    still s8tannorm cheers dude thats perfectly ansered my question. I fancy it next year.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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