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  • So where you riding this weekend?
  • Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    what’s your century route Mick? aiming for my 1st 100 this year too


    500km of riding in France next week….. yes!


    RD, http:100m stinger did 70 mile of the route in winter but missed out the Clee Hill section, as I was bloody frozen..

    Nice one PJM, the weathers got to be better than the current dog toffee we had in the UK for the last 4 weeks..

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Midlands Xc round at Stoke on Sunday

    Wish I’d trained more…



    Seeing as I have done zero **** all MTB miles in May I thought I would do more of the same.

    But will be doing my 1st century ride ride instead.. so what are you up to?

    Premier Icon downshep

    81 miles round Perthshire with 5,000 close friends….


    Just done 50km of city riding in Bangkok. 28deg when I went out at 06.40 and 37 when I got back 2 hours later. Few incidents with buses and stuff, but thats part of the fun… Oh yeah and the dogs, I hate the packs of dogs.



    Lee Quarry today, never been their so i’m quite looking forward to it.

    Then on Sunday a rip up to Delemere Forest on road (around 45 mile round trip)

    Premier Icon cp

    Wanted to ride Fred but didn’t get in, so off to 100 miles of Lincoln gp sportive. Although I’ve had some long epic days in the saddle, I don’t think I’ve ever actually ridden 100 miles in a day before.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Short look of Trevallyn today just before it rained, not sure tomorrow forecast awful so it could be the dreaded gym…

    Fully Sussed XC race @ Newnham Park Plymouth on Sunday 8)


    Bucks Off Road Sportive on Sunday, 130km of hopefully drying trails. 🙂


    Just about to set off to do some biggish hills on the road bike. Should only be about 60km of riding but over 2000m of climbing (I think).

    Tomorrow, maybe a guiri mtb ride round San Sebastian somewhere.


    Ohhh arse is it Lincoln GP this weekend?? Damn.

    Possible 29erSS tomorrow in my local woods, haven’t been up there for a little while if not I’m going sailing.


    Llandegla, I have found the Strava app usefull in motivating me when the weather was bad. Looking forward to a ride in the sunshine today 🙂

    112 miles in The Lakes for me on Sunday.


    I’ve got to visit the in laws this weekend so I got my riding in yesterday. Just a local loop taking in fox hagg long causeway lady cannings houndkirk and blacka.

    Braving the angry walkers in Malvern today

    It’s gonna be nice to show some friends round for the first time in the sunshine 😀

    Rob Hilton

    Can’t 🙁

    Got to pack for next week’s trip to Glenny, Inners & Eh?



    Was going for Newnham Park race tomorrow, however will be at home with sick infant. Foiled again. 😡


    Thinking of heading to Swinley tomorrow. I haven’t been there in years.


    Quantocks. Very muddy!


    Was gonna go Malvern but my gears seem to be too worn and skipping everywhere so I gave it a miss. Went for an easy push round at Woburn, my mate ended up breaking his collar bone :\ Shame as he was just getting into riding but I think this is going to put him off it.

    Tomorrow is hangover day and possibly a road ride in the afternoon.


    Llandegla but blue and green just back from 2 months out through injury. But the blue today was better than I thought it would be so it was nice, may do the same tomorrow.

    Southern xc tomorrow, but because of being struck with flu last week I will not be taking part. 😥

    A very gentle ride tomorrow to gauge how I’m feeling then the short drive to Wasing to watch said event.


    Cut Gate, early this morning. Conditions were as good as i’ve seen up there.

    When I got back down, had to re-direct a lady on her commuter cycle, that the route she wanted was around Ladybower, not up Cut Gate. Wonder how far she would have got before turning around?


    Premier Icon andrewy

    Penge… 8)


    Fully Sussed XC race @ Newnham Park Plymouth on Sunday

    Hopefully this but it looks like I might not be able to get there. 🙁
    And a couple of hours of local (north devon) xc today.


    Rode 3.5 hours at Afan yesterday and 3 hours at NyA today. Think I’ll have a rest tomorrow!


    Just rode over Garburn Pass – from Ings to Dubbs Tarn – Kentmere Hall – Stavely – Ings. Cracking day and lots of other bikers out and about.

    Some bits of Garburn very washed out and loose (even more than usual?), great fun though.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Glentress today, red route with bonus levels. Digging tomorrow I think but lets not rule out the possibility that I drive to innerleithen with my bike and my kit and instead of stopping at the meeting point I go and ride bikes instead, I’m unreliable like that.

    Premier Icon Simon

    To work and back 😕

    Did Lee Quarry for the first time today. Won’t be the last. Amazing place.

    Jurassic Beast sportive in the Purbecks. Hills, hills and more hills. Must be tough, they’ve set the gold time at 15mph! 😕


    did 97miles on the road yesterday, might go out for a while tomorrow, but i doubt it will be on the mtb still muddy and thus why bother.


    Marple mud fest, with some loops out and back from Hayfied added in to make up 50k.

    Went out on the old HT too, made a nice change to have some twitchy descents to make the nuts tingle. Note to self… Keep the HT going and think about changing the frame.


    Liked Lee Quarry today, including the climb to Cragg came 4th on Strava including 2 stops due to me not inowing where to peddle lol.

    The desent back to Lee Quarry was quick, realllllly need to pick a pair of knee pads up.
    Delemere or a wirral coast ride tomorrow.

    Massive Llandegla ride next week including the moors to the Pondarosa then to the railway sleepers.

    Premier Icon ads678

    went to gisburn this morning, best i’ve ever ridden it. Not been there for a while, loving the finished hope line. Noticed some other work being done as well towards the end.

    Might take my lad out in the morning.

    Sunny weather is cool!

    Some off-piste madness at Innerliethen, absolutely brilliant! Mud, roots, rocks and STEEP! 8)

    Had to admit to my friend that after three days riding on the North Shore, and with a prospective move out there in July, its still nice to know that Scotland can do trails just as well as the Canadians

    A James

    Dropped off in skipton, Embsey crag and home off road, 46K first biggy of the year, knees sore!


    Eric, bomb holes, 3 Amigos ( 1& 2 ), Summer Madness, Xmas Pudding, Supanova, Proper Bo, t2, BKB , cup of tea and pork and leek slice. Couldn’t believe how quickly some of the trails have dried out since last weekends mudfest……


    I have a road ride today from Didmartin part of a Evans Cycles “ride it” carp, my Bro signed me in. I have loads to do around the house and a car with a failed water pump to fix. It’s not that I don’t want to get out on the bike, I just would like to be in a forrest and not surrounded by men in lycra??
    I wish it was colder so I could turn up in a hoodie and baggies.

    el Chorro and then Grazalema

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