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  • teenrat

    Hoping to ride solo between Conwy and Port Talbot as per the offroad rough guide route. Route is described as 330km with 13100m of ascent. Has anyone done this? I’m trying to plan at the moment like places to stay and resupply. Just how tough is it? The route takes in places such as the doethie, which currently sounds like a bog and bracken fest. Am I being overly optimistic in completing in 3 days?

    Any advice appreciated!

    Premier Icon stewmur

    Did this last May over 6 days. I’m not particularly skilled or fit – 35 miles was our longest day. A few observations:
    On day 1 don’t be seduced by the pictures of Colwyd Reservoir – most of the track alongside and the climb at the end aren’t rideable and it’s a hell of a climb to get to it – enjoy the Marin trail instead.

    Strata Florida is a swamp fest. It was relatively dry when we did it and the water was still shin deep. Take the fire road alternative.

    Take care with route finding – there are places where you could lose hours over a wrong turn.

    The weather will make or break it. There are some exposed sections and while for the most part the trails are good, the Black Mountain section is very indistinct once you’ve reached the summit.

    Much of the climbing is on fire roads so rideable but it wears you down. This is especially so on the last day.

    Some more info https://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/welsh-coast-to-coast-1/

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    I did it with 5 others about 5 years ago in 3 days. It was very hard and after the first day I did not enjoy it really. My memory of it is a bit vague i do remember the endless fire road climbs. Great challenge but if I was to do it again I would be looking at doing 4 to 5 days and enjoying it more.

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