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  • We’ll all be riding these one day
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    Hubless e-bikes:

    I’m trying to work out if I can convert my 2×11 commuter to hubless. It’s not going to be easy.

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    Ugh! The return of the Cylclotron?!

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    I was expecting to see this:

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    “A century’s-worth of padlocked walk-in freezers, fifty vacuum cleaners charging themselves at a row of numbered stations, rolls of broadloom stacked like logs. More people in work clothes, some in kitchen whites, but she’s trying for tag-pulling attitude and looks, she hopes, like she’s making a delivery.

    She finds a narrow stairway and climbs. The air is hot and dead. Motion-sensors click the lights for her at the start of each flight. She feels the whole weight of this old building pressing down on her.

    But her bike is there, on B-1, behind a column of nicked concrete.

    ‘Back off,’ it says when she’s five feet away. Not loud, like a car, but it sounds like it means it.

    Under its coat of spray-on imitation rust and an artful bandaging of silver duct-tape, the geometry of the paper-cored, carbonwrapped frame makes Chevette’s thighs tremble. She slips her left hand through the recognition-loop behind the seat. There’s a little double zik as the particle-brakes let go, then she’s up and on it.

    It’s never felt better, as she pumps up the oil-stained ramp and out of there”

    William Gibson, Virtual Light

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    Great quote.

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    Patent pending on the wheels seems a bit much given they arent responsible for introducing the technology or design.

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    We’ll all be riding these one day

    Of course we will…

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    Not in the U.K. anytime between Sept and April with that tyre clearance.

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    I thought it was going to be one of those hover chairs from Wall.E

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    Hubless wheels. Can they be done? Yep.
    Should they be done? Hell no.

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    Sweep stake on how long before the go-fund scheme vanishes?
    All mock-ups and CGI, it’s never going to happen or at least of it does I’m pretty sure half that tech, including the wheels won’t be there.

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    The bike of the future has rim brakes?

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    No Hope hub buzz. I’m out.

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    William Gibson, Virtual Light

    What a terrible book that is, especially the stupid bike she rides. But not as stupid as the car that has a fax machine.

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    Cyclotron Kickstarter rip off scam#2?

    (Scroll down for the comments section)

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