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  • Weird Crime
  • Pigface
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    I rent a room in a house in Wantage and yesterday we suffered one of the weirdest thefts of all time. Someone stole our gas meter. Pure comedy moment when the engineer came out to check why we didnt have any gas.
    “Where is your meter” says the engineer.
    “In the box by the front door” my reply
    “where is the meter?”
    I roll my eyes thinking this bloke is a wooden top and tada no meter.

    This has put all sorts of stuff into effect, Police etc etc. Anyway we figured out who did it, a plumber my landlady was arguing about a bill with was seen removing it. Madness, he got arrested this afternoon. Still no gas till Wednesday.Now I know how the Ukraine felt.

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    I got called out one 3am a few weeks since to a break in to a building society branch, who’s keys we hold, on arrival the plod showed us a side pane of the window frontage had been shattered and removed and apparently nothing was missing, was informed this week that they’d nicked the postman pat charity box which if you’ve not seen one must be about three feet tall 😆

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    This happened to my nan last year. She had no heating so called the man from the Council, who called the man from Southern Gas who told her that her meter had been stolen. Apparently some ferrel scrote had stolen the meter from the box outside her house! The Gas engineer said that in Portsmouth it was becoming increasingly popular as they were stolen to use as a second meter so as not to run up high numbers on the original meter?


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    nowt as queer as folk!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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