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  • Weeks holiday in Ciudadela Menorca any biking?
  • Off for a weeks holiday in Ciudadela in Menorca next week with the family. Is there any biking to be had in the area? Dont really mind if its road or mountain biking, just like to get out for a spin.

    Took my roadie to Majorca last year really enjoyed it but dont want the faff of flying a bike out this time. Anyone been and done much?#



    Been to Menorca a couple of times, never with a bike but have seen plenty of cyclists out and about. It’s a really lovely island and I don’t think you’d have problems riding anywhere apart from the main east-west road. There were even some dedicated lanes in a few places. From what I recall, most of the roadie action seemed to be around the north of the island and I saw adverts for bike hire and MTB as well so with a bit of internet digging I’m sure something will come up.

    There is a path that loops the entire island called the Cami de cavalls which can be walked, biked and horsed AFAIK

    Off the bike – If you haven’t hired a car then I would recommend it, its dead easy to drive round and there are some great places to visit. Enjoy

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