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  • Way OT Walking Holidays in Southern Europe
  • mickyfinn
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    Ok I’ve been given leave to have a bike holiday this year. Plenty of reccomendations on here for that.

    However I also want to do a walking tour somewhere lakes/mountains in the south france/portugal/Med area. If anyone has been and can reccomend a company our point me at any useful site I would appreciate it.
    I’ve got the usual Package suspects already like Headwater\Exodus etc.
    Oh and it’s for a easy to intermediate type of trek nothing mental.

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    GR 20 in Corsica. Did it last year – absolutely fantastic!

    Didn’t use a company – just did it ourselves. You’d need a decent level of fitness to enjoy it.

    Thoroughly recommended.

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    3 ideas / recommendations:
    1. PLane to Nice, train to either Sospel or Entrevaux (differnt stations, different train co.s) Take a hotel and walk out, using the 1:25k maps or the guide books.
    2. Chemin Stevenson, in the Cevennes. Nice easy but lovely walking, good cheapish hotels, but go after the spring rains. Awkward for travel.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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