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  • soobalias

    A mate needs to buy a waterproof jacket quite urgently before going cycle touring next week, she cannot get to a shop so it has to be mail order.

    So ladies and gentlemen…
    What waterproof jacket do you use?
    Please describe the fit, size, arm length, body?
    Why do you rate it?
    Which one would you buy right now if you could?

    bonus points for exceptional value, small sizes in stock from reputable suppliers and clicky linkys.

    if you have an opinion on either 3/4 tights (ladies) or waterproof overtrousers – feel free to chip in here

    in return i will let you all know what the final decision is/was.


    I have just got a Altura Nevis from cyclestore half price.


    search on paramo. they arent cycle specific but they are amazing, much much better than any laminate jacket. the breathabilty is far far superior and the waterproofing doesnt degrade in the same way as rubbish goretex etc, providing you look after it. if you rip the fabric you stitch it back together, its still waterproof. not cheap, but plenty of good things to recommend them. 20 year guarantee too.

    if she doesnt buy one, no worries, but my recommendation of what not to buy would be goretex paclight by gore bikewear. wet from the inside and the outside. real nice fit, but aint dry.

    my two pennies.


    Got a free Altura Nevis with a mag sub a few years ago – hardly ever wear it as it is not breathable at all. Way too hot and not very waterprooof.

    Using a Gore Fusion since October and its fantastic – not cheap though and won’t pack down very small for touring. Best waterproof I ever bought though.


    Don’t bother with a Altura Crosslight if you have bramble bushes where you are. Rips very easy, therefore a complete waste of money
    I binned mine last week, and not a happy bunny.

    Please note testers of jackets, how resistant are these not cheap jackets to being torn?


    I just bought an Endura Pheonix – great ladies fit and £55 at cycle surgery (you can mail order but they are quite slow).

    This replaced my previous jacket (gill freedom) which I loved but after 3 years of trashing and too many broken bits has been relegated to commute duties only. I did see a few on random websites in small sizes so she may find one!

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    For years have had a Gore Paclite which is a brilliant waterproof. However when I crash I end up tearing it which costs money to get repaired. Not durable for offroad really but has kept me completely dry in some seriously heavy downpours. Was a men’s version so the sleeves were long enough.

    You can get these from Wiggle, Evans etc. Could go the softshell route?

    As regards the lower half, this winter I bought some Gore Alp waterproof shorts, ladies specific. Very expensive but they have worked. However, as they are Paclite again, not so durable and have managed to tear them whilst climbing over a barbed wire fence!

    The other waterproofs I have are the Gore XCR full-length trousers. Again have kept me dry but not convinced on full length.

    Finally, one of the girlies from here pointed me in the direction of Army surplus Goretex trousers. Cost something silly like £10 and the camo is so cool 8)


    thanks to all who replied.


    I can recommend the Endura Flyte jacket, although they don’t do it in a ladies fit at the mo. More breatheable than Gore-Tex or eVent fabrics, but without the licensing cost so the jacket is cheaper at £100. As for overtrousers I’d opt for Endura Techpants at £70, unless you have the cash to splash on Endura Venturi trousers….. but they aren’t as tough


    Endura Stealth.


    Endura Windchill is half the cost of Stealth and nearly as good! I used one at Afan in November and was more than warm enough and no rain got through. Not as breathable as a proper shell jacket though

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