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  • Trimix

    Good question – I too would like to know.

    Im tempted, but thats because Ive been spoiled by the last two dry weeks of riding. Slogging round and grinding my chainset to death is not my idea of fun.


    Raced a national there 2 years ago in the tipping rain and just got wet not exactly muddy… the ground is very peaty so drains amazingly and won’t be a mud fest although 24hours of constant rain…. If its just showery your only problem will be wet roots, there’s little in the way of rocks to worry about. I’d run Racing Ralfs… but then I run them all the time whatever the conditions.

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    It’s pretty unpleasant, but it does depend how wet! Parts of it get really sticky, parts of it drain well. It won’t be Mayhem-esque, but I’d not be keen to race there for 12 hours in the wet!


    what happens? it gets muddy. I’m local to the area and the trails are fairly dry at the moment with not much rain forecast for the next week.As long as there’s no prolonged spells of rain between now and then we should be okay. At least that’s what I’m hoping for as I entered ages ago! Also there’s a lot less people on the course than other events so that should help as well.


    I’m looking at signing up for the 12/24 Exposure race next week and some feedback on what the course is like and if it gets wet what happens to the trails….Thanks


    Went through part of the course from last year last night and its dry, bar a few rutted corners from last years event.

    Lots of pine neddles etc.. as it doesn’t get much use other than the staged events, although I did spots some fresh tyre marks so I guess the odd local occassionally nips in for a bit of checkyness…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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