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  • Voyeuristic coverage of the floods?
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I think that this up to the knees in floodwater breathless reportage, and hosting programmes from the scene pratised by both the BbC and Sky news is pushing the boundaries of poor taste.


    It’s news. That’s what they do isn’t it? Or would it be better to just report from the studio with a few charcoal sketches?


    People love looking at other peoples misery. Generates traffic on websites that sells ad space.

    Thats the news business.

    Generates traffic on websites that sells ad space.

    Especially when someone starts another thread on a topic that’s already being well covered……


    i watch the news which i suppose encourages them.

    much like i clicked this thread.

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    I think it’s getting hilarious now, just like when it snows and they have live reporters in a village filming people walking through 2 inches of snow, interviewing them about ‘how they are surviving’ and are they annoyed the council haven’t cleared their pavement yet?

    As evident from the other threads on the topic it is alarming how much nonsense people absorb from the news though.


    Breathless? The BBC’s reporter Sima Kotecha was paddling around in a flood somewhere on the Thames this morning and was gasping for breath; I thought she must have run 100 yards or something.

    It’s not just news reporters.
    Bewdley seemed very busy yesterday for a cold wet February Sunday, presumably it was mostly tourists come to look at the floods.
    We went on a sightseeing trip ourselves on the tandem, stopping at a friend’s house to help lift the freezer and other furniture on to bricks as they’ve been told to expect water 8″ above floor level.

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    The voyeurism is on the part of the public generally. News programmes simply pander to it.


    allows me to see just how bad my friends house is in Shepperton with me having to quiz her at this time 🙁


    Presses turn off button.

    I may be classed as a non caring bastard, but the news has sanitised me to others mis-fortune.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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