Voodoo Bizango Rear wheel/hub question

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  • Voodoo Bizango Rear wheel/hub question
  • kraftyone

    The freehub on my Voodoo Bizango has had it, and after contacting Voodoo bikes it seems the part is not available any more… so I guess it’s a good excuse to get new wheels.

    The bikes in the LBS at the moment, and it’s closed on Fridays, so was wondering if anyone knows of hand the hub standard I need to shop for?



    They’re formula hubs if I remember correctly. Not sure on spoke counts but probably 32 per wheel.

    Rear is 135mm x 9QR, front 15mm axle.


    After much searching and some trial and error I hqave finally found the freehub that fits the standard 2013 Voodoo Bizango Formula hub. You need a “SRAM Freehub Body for X9 Hub V2 – part no: WHS9004A” it is scarce but available. The bearings are 6000-2RS which are commonly available. I got the free hub body here: http://buyanypart.co.uk/sram-freehub-body-for-x9-hub-v2.html.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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