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  • Vivid R2C stroke reduction?
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    I’ve a coil Rockshox Vivid R2C in 222x70mm from my downhill bike. Does anyone know if it’s possible to reduce the stroke to 64mm so that I can give it a go on my trail bike?

    It looks like I could maybe fit a spacer on top of the counter measure spring, but I’m sure it won’t be as simple as that…



    If you mean you need a 64 x 222 shock for the trail bike it is possible to do this via shaft spacers.

    Specialized used to to exactly this with older Fox Rc shocks on their SX supercross frames to give adjustable travel.Nylon washers of suitable size with a split to place round the shaft (under the Bottom out bumper) would work.You may need to get creative sizing the washers.

    If you mean you need a 64x 216 call TF tuned and ask about a custom shaft replacement.

    Premier Icon Neb

    Wouldn’t reducing the stroke by 6mm also reduce the eye to eye by 6mm, so a 222×70 would become a 216×64?

    A spacer is what I thought, I just wasn’t sure if there is something a little more complicated going on!


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