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  • Video editing software advice please :D
  • Everlong

    Hi all

    I've recently bought one of the mini DV cams for my bike and I 'm really happy with it.

    I have transfered the videos onto my PC but unfortunately my Windows Movie Maker seems to be faulty. It shuts randomly if not almost instantly on opening.

    Can anyone suggest some decent, free video editing software please? It certainly doesn't need to be anything amazing .. just something that'll let me piece together some clips and add some tunes etc.

    Thanks in advance

    Paul 😀

    Premier Icon iain1775

    I had a similar problem, just needed to download the correct codec for the files the camera records in – check the spec/box etc it should say something like ".avi (Xvid codec)" then just google that and install the codec and mine then worked okay
    I find WMM perfectly adequate and dead easy to use
    I then use Vimeo to upload the vids

    like Bontrager's Cheap/Strong/Light thing, most software comes with a "cheap/good – choose one" disclaimer

    having said that, I use Magix Movie Edit Pro – I think it cost £50 but could've been less.
    But having said that, when I bought my camcorder a few years back, it came with something in the box (which doesn't work with Vista, hence the above) – didn't you get anything in the box?


    Have a look at this: Trax ax. Pretty full featured for something free. Should be what you need.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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