Uptonogood? South oxfordshire event- anyone going?

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  • Uptonogood? South oxfordshire event- anyone going?
  • cokie

    I know there’s a few local riders in West berks & South Oxfordshire, so just raising this as PSA.
    Upton has the event ‘Uptonogood?‘ running on the 15th of Junes.
    Looks like it could be a bit of fun. Local XC loop followed by beer & music.
    They have stuff suitable for kids too.

    I know it clashes with the Malvern Classic.. I’m still deciding which to go for.
    I’ll probably support Upton.

    Anyone fancy it? Could get a group of us to bimble around.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Sure, I’m up for some of that. Cycled through there last night actually.


    Was it a couple of guys? Did they start making trouble in your neighbourhood? Make sure your mum doesn’t get scared and send you off to your auntie and uncle’s place.


    I quite like the name!
    Good to hear Weeksy. Let’s see if we can get anymore going.

    Premier Icon maxtorque

    I’ve done the event several times in the past, they’ve had a few years off, but it’s back this year. Usually a good mix of xc style tracks and good beer and good music!

    Routes have i think been shortened a bit after one particularly bad year where it was basically a 45mile quagmire!

    It’s weeksy’s patch, so he’ll know all the cheeky short cuts…. 😉

    Premier Icon weeksy

    I’ll be shocked if we ride anything I’ve not done before, but I’m always up for being educated and finding new ones.

    Any ideas on start times? Just wondering what my lad can do. Or if he’s out with Mrs weeksy. Which sadly means I’ll be on the HT. It’s more likely we’ll all cycle over, they’ll chill and I’ll race, we are racing? Lol

    Premier Icon retrobri

    i’m thinking about it, looked at previous times it was on but always busy..this year might get me up from the Pang


    On the day Timetable
    8:00am Car park opens (Off A417 – Not on the Recreation Field).
    8:00am Event registration opens
    9:20am Event briefing for 35 mile “Endurance” ride
    9:30am 35 mile “Endurance” ride start on recreation ground
    9:50am Event briefing for 25 mile “Leisure” ride
    10:00am 25 mile “Leisure” ride start on recreation ground
    10:00am Blewbury Brass Band (lawn)
    10:10am Event briefing for 18 mile “Teen Spirit” ride
    10:15am 18 mile “Teen Spirit” ride start on recreation ground
    10:25am Event briefing for 12 mile “Family” ride
    10:30am 12 mile “Family” ride start on recreation ground
    12:30pm Al Jenkins (TBC)
    1:00pm Cut off time for riders at A34 underpass (for riders doing the 18/25/35 mile rides) and at East Ilsley (for riders doing the 35 mile ride)
    1:50pm Event briefing for 5 mile “Little Wheels” ride
    2:00pm 5 mile “Little Wheels” ride start on recreation ground
    2:10pm Rabbit Foot Spasm Band
    3:30pm McFunky
    5:00pm Event Close


    I assume we’d want to do the 35 miler.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Sure, ideally it would be that, but I don’t mind. I’ll rude whatever and however people fancy, a bimble stopping at pubs, a flat out xc race, or just see what happens etc. I’m easy.



    I used to live locally and have done it a few times, including a top 10 finish in what isn’t a race, but they give you a number, start you off at the same time, and tell you how long it took you, so what are you gonna do …

    It’s good mindless XC riding, nothing too technical, and if the weather holds there’s some good fast stretches. If it’s muddy though, as Maxtorque points out, it can be a right old slog, and the mud round there is like nothing else. Proper wheel-stopping drivechain-jamming chalky clay.

    Have fun!

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Only a 30 min drive for me…didn’t realise it was so close

    Premier Icon sheck

    Good day out… have also had some really good bands in the past too

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