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  • Upgrading my cheap bike
  • damian24

    I have only just really started racing a brought myself a ‘Giant Yukon Disc’ to start me off, frame is good but components not great . I decided to upgrade some of the parts. I started with the shifters, break levers, rear mech, gone from 8-9speed(cassette and chain) all shimano XT and a san marco saddle. Thats all I have done so far. I plan to get the chaniset and bottom bracket to go with the rest of the drive system(XT M770 chainset).
    I also want to upgrade the forks but am at a loss to what I am looking for in the way of dimensions. Not looking for a £600 super fork but would
    spend up to £150 maybe but the main thing is I dont want to buy something then it does not fit
    My brakes are ok for me at the moment so i’m not that worried about upgrading the breaks at the moment.
    So I would welcome any advice on the above. I’m not a super fit super rider just lookin to improve my steed


    Scour the classifieds for a Reba or something like that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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