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  • Unlocking an iPhone – Alternatives?
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    My last two months in summary;

    – My iPhone 6 died, Apple declared it non repairable (It was about 18 months old and in excellent condition).
    – My O2 contract was due for renewal so I had a new iPhone 7 delivered by O2
    – My wife’s iPhone 5c died. Apple declared it non repairable (It was only 16 months old and in ‘excellent’ condition)
    – I took both faulty handsets to Apple who offered a new/replacement 5C for £199.00 or a new/replacement – iPhone 6 for £229.00. I opted for the new/replacement iPhone 6
    – The new/replacement handset has been delivered and is locked to O2 because the original was also locked to O2.
    – My wife has a Vodaphone contract, Vodaphone say they can’t register the handset
    – Apple say they can’t unlock the handset
    – O2 tell me that the IMEI number does not match their records and then cut me off

    Is there any other way to get an iPhone 6 unlocked?

    PS – Thanks for reading!

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    If you just want it unlocked to all providers then you should be able to get it unlocked down the market by the guys who sell phone cases for a small free – less than £20. You shouldn’t have to do it though as the original provider should do it for free if you can sort out their records of IMEI’s!

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    Thanks, I tried the market for an old iPhone 4 a couple of years ago and got lots of teeth sucking and non committal answers, maybe things have improved

    More googling and I have found
    Anyone used them? They take Paypal so I could (presumably) dispute the transaction and get my money back if it did not work…

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