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  • Ultimate Vybe GR Suspension Seatpost – Active When You Need It
  • amandawishart
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    The Ultimate Vybe GR suspension seatpost has 50mm of tuneable, vertical active travel to absorb bumps and rough terrain.  Vertical seatpost suspe …

    By amandawishart

    Get the full story here:

    Ultimate Vybe GR Suspension Seatpost – Active When You Need It

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    I’ve had the non-GR version on my gravel bike for a couple of years, and found the 30mm of travel to be just about enough* to stop me getting kicked up the arse off-road, meaning I can run my tyres that little bit firmer and keep my me-shaped Brooks saddle in service. 20mm extra travel sounds like it’d make for a much more comfy ride, with much less chance of the occasional bottom-out (so to speak).

    Oh, and when messing about with pre-load, don’t do what I did and accidentally unscrew the spring retaining allen bolt – it takes forever to get it back in on a medium spring.

    *or not quite enough, depending on the terrain.

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    @belgianbob I thought I’d broken it forever when I took the cap off. I had to have a coffee break between efforts to get it screwed back on!

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    I’ve been running a XCR USE post on various bikes for the last 2 decades. Currently a SUMO head version on my mk1 solaris.

    they are good for what you want them to do. there’s lots of talk of the saddle height dip when it sags etc, but it just depends on how you set it up. Like in the review, it can be set to sag a mm, and take out most but not all of the chatter, or sag a little more and really smooth things out.

    The point is IME, and I’m very saddle height sensitive, you dont notivce the drop in saddle height when riding bumps, as the bike comes up to meet you anyway.

    I recall USE had a good run ‘hiring to buy’ at the mountain mayhem at sandwell many years ago after fatigued bodies realised the benefits of a suss post riding the ploughed field of doom.


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    I remember having one of these in the early nineties, coupled with a Girvin Flexstem, and thinking I was so cool because I had full suspension.
    Great shout for a gravel bike

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    Ultimate Vybe is not an appropriate name for a saddle related implement… unless sold by WISH

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    I used to dismiss this style of post in favour of the linkage style thudbusters, but given how quickly the Thudbusters seem to develop rattle and play I’d be considering one of these in future I think.

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    Wow, I used to have one of these, in 1992 when they came out, on my Salsa hardtail. AFAIK it’s been in USE’s range ever since. Great for tandem stokers too.

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    I have one of these on a hardtail and I love it. It is great when you need to keep speed up seated on bumpy ground and keeps bad backs at bay.
    Really helps on turbo sessions as it keeps movement in the saddle when seated for a long time.
    It has transformed my riding enjoyment

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    I’ve a suntour ncx which is a parallelogram post like the thudbusters. I think it works a bit better than the old use post I had, and it was dead cheap

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