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  • Two people I know have died from CV19…
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    …1st was a lad from work 20 years old this happened about 10 days ago, I didn’t know him to well seeing as I’m an old git at 46.

    2nd was our neighbour who lived next door, 58 years old, he died on Saturday evening. His wife is still unwell at home. Her children can’t come for obvious reasons and they also live miles from London. He went into hospital on Friday morning he walked into the ambulance carrying an oxygen cylinder complete fighter till the end.
    My wife spent the morning with his wife talking and crying with her ( distancing in the garden) I spent the afternoon with her, she is in complete shock, it’s so heart breaking.
    My 10 year old autistic son made him a card with the arsenal emblem on it which we sent to his phone, that was at 5pm on Saturday he even replied saying it was lovely. By 8 pm dead ! Wtf !

    Complete top guy – he’ll be missed, we used to rant about fences and usual neighbour stuff but we always had a laugh.
    Both boys used to wait for him to come home from work as he always to have football chats out of the window, mostly telling him how rubbish arsenal was.

    My anxiety is through the roof, I feel selfish and guilt for feeling the way I do, both my wife and I have had it ( along with the other 9 people from work including the young lad)
    I’m paranoid we didn’t have it, though it’s most probable we did. Thoughts all over the place not slept since Saturday properly.

    Please just stay safe x

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    Take care of yourself, you can only have done your best for others and it sounds like you have, the rest is blind luck.

    Premier Icon phil5556
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    That’s pretty rough, look after yourselves and don’t feel guilty for feeling like you do – it’s crazy times for everyone.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator
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    Don’t feel bad about being all over the place processing all of that – it’s a heck of a lot to take in. Look after yourself.

    Premier Icon sarell
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    It’s all so surreal.
    Mums Husband died of it last week.

    Same thing, got too much at home went on to a ventilator and then in to an induced acoma and he never came out.
    it’s heart braking they died alone, it’s just not right.

    I hope you’re ok pal, feel free to message if you need owt.

    All the best

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    It’s a terrible time – I fear lots will be suffering and worrying.

    This place is great for support when you need it.

    Premier Icon bob_summers
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    Sorry to hear that. Brutal. A friend who lives in Modena lost five neighbours

    Premier Icon csb
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    Wife and i were saying how surreal it is as a family (2 primary kids) in lockdown, both working and schooling from home, with no direct impact as yet. Feels like a total bubble until we hear the news or sad reports like yours. Take it easy.

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    Sorry to hear this, stay safe, very and be as close for others as you can.

    Wife and I are like csb, but with elderly parents, aunts, uncles, some with severe health conditions too, some alone (physically). It’s a worry but thankfully with no immediate friends/family/neighbours/colleagues having contacted it the worry is not at that immediate and considerable phase. Fingers crossed for everyone to stay safe.

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    Wife and i were saying how surreal it is as a family (2 primary kids) in lockdown, both working and schooling from home, with no direct impact as yet

    Feels like that to us, except I’m in the office/warehouse and horrendously busy. (Bike industry.). Nobody I am in direct contact has been affected.

    However, one of my oldest friends, a paramedic down south who I haven’t seen for a few years, is in ICU, and in a properly bad way.

    Premier Icon donks
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    Just been told by a furloughed colleague that our accounts manager died from contracting Co-vid. He was 48 (2 years older than me) and had 2 kids and a wife. Thing is this was nearly 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty shocked the company haven’t sent out an email to office staff to let them know!!

    Premier Icon jwt
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    Lost an Aunt and Uncle a couple of weeks ago, both in the same care-home. My cousin is in bits and i feel somewhat helpless to try to support her.
    As Sam L said ‘stay the f… at home’

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