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  • Two nights (midweek) in Bruges. Recommendations please!!
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    As per the title really, getting away sometime in late June.

    Any nice bars / restaurants / walks / etc.

    I’ve wanted to go since seeing the film of same name fame!


    Definitely worth a trip up that big clock tower with the spiral staircase (the one on the film). It’s a long time since I went so can’t remember where we ate, I remember regretting ordering a kg of garlic mussels though (though probably not as much as my wife)

    Premier Icon tthew

    There’s a MEGA beer shop near the .. erm. Hang on…….

    Right, it’s just down the road from the market place, next to the river. They have a Beer Wall, which shouldn’t be too hard to locate. It’s called 2be.

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    You need to order a gay beer and find some midgets

    thread / end

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    The best thing about Bruges is just walking around all the cobbled streets and canals, particularly at night. I’ve been twice and I’m sure I could happily spend hours just doing the same again.

    There’s a bar I’d highly recommend too – Comptoir des Arts or something like that. Big beer menu, friendly service service and they had a band playing one time I was there too. There’s another good basement baracross the road too.

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    As above, it’s all nice, try lots of beer and wander around to your hearts content. You can cover most of t an hour!


    Have a walk around, go up the clock tower,go on the canal trip, sip some nice beers. Cant recall the boozers I’ve been in cos I spent the weekend in a satisfying slightly drunk haze from continually savouring quality strong biers


    2 days is a bit long. You can jump on a train to Brussels for the second day.




    Try the arend tripel. Greatest beer on earth


    I’d get the train to Gent, a much better place.


    I’d get the train to Gent, a much better place


    Bruges is great for touristy chocolate shops, Gent is a far cooler place.


    Definitely drink lots of the local beer. Can’t remember it’s name but it’s got a picture of a jester on it. Also go for the touristy boat trip down the canal. Absolutely lovely.


    I reckon the film was made by someone who’d been there and wanted to spice it up a bit. I found it very boring. As above, find a racist dwarf and some hookers.

    That said, it’s a great place to wander along the canal stopping at bars. Try and find the most obscure and strange beer you can. We found one that tasted of bacon. No idea what it was called though.


    Go to “garre” its a tiny bar just off the square. stand facing the tower and its off to the left at about ten o`clock. Only bar serving “garre” beer and its amazing!! ask anyone local when you finally give up on finding it;)

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    Definitely drink lots of the local beer. Can’t remember it’s name but it’s got a picture of a jester on it.

    Bruges Zot 😉

    One thing you do have to be careful of in Belgium is ordering random beers from the menu if you’ve already been out for a while. You’ll typically end up with an 11% whopper that’ll take you well over the edge! Kasteel Donker is my particular favourite in this category.


    Fekin Bruges its shit, lol I laugh my tits off at the film so much it’s save on sky hard drive, never been but I hope you like it.

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    I loved Bruges – 😐

    Highly recommend the Straffe Hendrik (De Halve Maan Brewery) tour.
    Good fun and great samples. 🙂

    Brugs Beertje is a great little bar, as recommended above.
    Great place to watch American students go from 0 to pissed in 30 seconds.

    Lots of nice little restaurants too – Trip Advisor usually good for the latest and best value places – The Hobbit was the place to be last time we were there but I really wasn’t impressed – bloody expensive too.


    Really enjoyed Bruges. You wont go far wrong. good food and beer here.
    Staminee De Garre down a side street not far from the Markt nice beer and relaxed surroundings watch out for the % though 🙂
    Oh and the Brewery trip is well worth doing.

    Premier Icon giantonagiant

    Many thanks for all the tips folks.

    Heading off next week and basically just looking forward to cobbled streets, nice beer and food.

    Quite fancy a proper slap up meal with Mrs G one night though…any final recommendations?

    Thanks again all.



    We went there 2 years ago and enjoyed it. Need to ask my wife, but there was one really great restaurant we went to.

    The other recommendation is the segway tours – much less Health & Safety than if it was in the UK, and an excellent guide who knows the area. – Brugge Segway

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