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    Going on a ride in London on Saturday which requires everyone to wear Tweed, so any funny suggestions you may have for me before I start to search the charity shops.



    Premier Icon akira

    Rapha do tweed, nice and cheap as well!

    Premier Icon mAx_hEadSet

    es skate gear did a rather nice / nasty range of chinese tweed jackets…. not quite Harris but almost, I even featured in a mbuk 4x spectacular wearing it


    rapha’s the only decent tweed to ride in.

    The rest is all a little but tragic.


    dress up as a cannabis plant and go as t’weed ……

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I have an Austin Reed tweed jacket which fits rather well. It is comfortable to ride gently in and looks good. He says firmly.


    If you are wearing tweed trousers make sure you wear long pants underneath or your thighs and bum will look like something on a butcher’s slab

    Anyway, you going to tell us why tweed? Is it a gentleman mountain bikers campaign for more city shooting?


    Rapha tweed? Pfft.

    Dashing Tweeds do the most splendid cycling tweeds known to man. Bespoke, so a bit late for this weekend. Even Mr Fisher agrees with me:

    Premier Icon miketually

    I’ve seen instructions online for turning full-length trousers into 3/4 length riding trousers, such as would have been worn by the more refined riding gentleman of yesteryear. A quick Google should turn them up.

    Have a look at and for inspiration.

    I need a tweed jacket for riding to work, to go with my new beard.


    Tweed is the theme of the ride so it would seem bad taste to turn up without any I got a Tweed suit from a charity shop today, maybe I’ll post some pictures to give you all a laugh


    Tweed in their shoes.

    Bad T.


    Mr Fisher is wearing a rather natty line of Paul Smith.

    Thats a photo outside his shop in Covent Garden.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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