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  • Turner 2009 dw-link Rocker Tip Pivot rebuild kit?
  • mudmonster

    Decided to dismantle my old Turner flux and the zerk grease ports on the seat stays were blocked. Probably been blocked for years. Need new bushes and probably the metal shafts too. Can I get these in the UK? Are Silverfish still Turner dealers?


    turner are the only stockist and pricey as can be – i have just got a set – $210 + £39 import charges for the full kit!!  yours is about $110 + charges so another £25??

    my plan is to measure the igus bushes and then get sets from them if you give me a week  to get the right ones i will tell you what you need

    if you need the bushes i would be tempted with shock bushes personally given the cost and you can get more.

    Silverfish have some limited spares

    send me a personal PM on me as I was going to do a thread once I knew the details anyway as turner prices are very very steep and i waited 6 months for them to have the full kit.


    Mine is  a 5 spot See also this thread


    this is the kit i just got


    its the same as yours so I have all the parts – not splitting as it was such a pain and cost to get but happy to help out as I intended to be able to  use this to get UK spares / an alternative anyway

    My solution being igus bushes and a shock type bushing – I still reckon its going to cost about £50 this way but it it is UK based and repeatable,

    Premier Icon rone

    It’s a real shame about the lack of support currently.

    I’ve got IGUS specs for Czar/flux and I believe they fit the Sultan too.

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    Try asking Turner for the ingus specs if you don’t need new shafts, they gave me specs for my 6-pack once before.


    Thanks for the replies. It’s not my main bike anymore so don’t wanna spend much on it really. I thought I would try and keep it going and tried to upgrade it, regret spending money on it now. It’s perfectly rideable.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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